​​Pinterest Marketing Made Simple

Pinterest is one of the best visual search engines around. It can be beneficial for bloggers, business owners, or really anyone with a website! 



Hi! I’m Megan! 

I am a Navy wife and mother of 2! 

Marketing has always been  a passion of mine. I have a degree in Marketing and Communications,  and have been working in Pinterest Marketing field for just over 7 years now! 

I have sold over 5,000 courses on Pinterest Marketing and over 1,400 courses on how to become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant. 

I have worked with 100’s of clients helping them to manage their Pinterest accounts and bring tons of FREE traffic to their websites and online stores! 

You can learn more about my courses below, or if you want to work with me personally, click the link below! 


What can Pinterest do for you?


Getting started with Pinterest for business can be overwhelming! I want to help break it down for you as simple as I can!

I offer two do-it-yourself style courses that come with a FREE membership to a private community of over 1,000 content creators just like you! 

It’s an amazing place to connect and gain free access to LIVE monthly training and a wide variety of guest speakers! 

Learn more below!