2 BIG Mistakes That Will Get Your Pinterest Account Suspended!

SO many users are dealing with the unknown right now. Why was their Pinterest account suspended? Over the past five months, Pinterest has changed A LOT when it comes to their algorithm and what they want from us as content creators. 

Something that has also changed is how sensitive their spam filters have become. Accounts that are doing nothing wrong are getting suspended without much hope of revival. 

Either Pinterest is not getting back to these users, or they are saying they have broken the rules and will not get their account re-activated. 

But the thing is, a lot of these users have not broken any rules. 

And some users are not getting any notification that their account has been flagged, their pins simply have a reach in the double digits when it should be in the thousands. This is due to Pinterest marking their website as spam, and not the actual account. Pinterest doesn’t seem to know why this is happening. 

Here are two BIG errors that will get your account flagged with little chance of getting it back. 

1.  You are pinning the same image back to back or more than once a day. Pinterest has made it crystal clear that they want as many fresh new images as we can provide. They want to fill our feeds with new content daily. They don’t want to show us the old pins we have seen before. 

Because of this, to get a good reach, you want to be creating at least 5-7 new images a week (maybe more). These new images can link to old blog posts. They just have to be new images. 

The mistake: Users are pinning the same image more than once a day, or multiple times a day to numerous boards within the same 24 hour time frame. 

One. You do NOT need to pin an image to multiple boards. If there is more than one board that pin pertains to,  you can pin it to that board, but you want to space the pin out by AT LEAST 24 hours. If you have optimized your pin properly for SEO and pinned it to the right board that is also properly optimized for SEO, you don’t need to pin that pin to more than one board. But again, it won’t hurt as long as you space things out properly! 

So the main point here is DO NOT pin the same image more than once in 24 hours. 

2. Do not send too many pins out in a 24 hour period. If you are pinning manually or with TailWind, you do not want to send out a ton of pins every day. This will also get you flagged as spam. 

Right now, I send out around 12-15 pins a day. I do this for myself and all 14 of my clients. And it’s been working GREAT! 

I would say to be SAFE try not to pin more than 20-25 pins a day. MAX. Not only will pinning too much get your flagged, but it can hurt your reach! If all of your content is optimized properly for SEO and pinned correctly, you will be ok! Remember, less is more! 

If your account is brand new, I would start by sending 7-10 pins out a day and then increase slowly as your account grows. 

What do you do if your account gets suspended? 

Click this link HERE. Then click on “appeals” then either click on “appeal account suspension” (this is if you got an email saying your account was suspended.) Or you will click on “Pinterest blocked my site” this is if your reach (specific pin metrics) has all of a sudden drop from the thousands to the double digits after uploading a pin. 

If your account has been suspended and you HAVE NOT committed any of the two above error,s you can say: “I feel my account has been suspended in error. I would appreciate it if you would take another look and consider re-activating it.” 

If you have committed one of the above two errors, you can say: “I apologize for breaking any of your rules in terms of pinning content. I am new to the platform, and I am still learning. Moving forward, I will continue to practice Pinterest’s best practices and stay within the pinning guidelines.” 

If your website has been flagged (note that you don’t always get a notification telling you it has been blocked. You only know by looking at your metrics.), you can say: “I feel that my website has blocked in error. I would appreciate if someone looked into this as my reach is extremely low even with my pins being properly optimized for SEO, and I have never had this issue in the past.” 

I can not promise either of these will work, but I know they have worked for some users! And sometimes you have to reach out more than once! Sometimes Pinterest gets back to you in 24 hours sometimes; it’s a week. If you have not heard back in a week, I would reach out again. 

And if you are new and all of this confused you, click HERE! 

Happy pinning! 

xo Megan