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You asked so I am answering! Do I have to write 10 blog posts a week to get traffic? The answer: Absolutely not! That requires WAY too much time on your part! And like most of you know I am a stay-at-home mom who does this on the side! So I for sure don’t have time to write numerous posts a week!

So how do you keep getting traffic on old posts without re-pinning the same pin over and over? Because you DO NOT want to do that, that looks spammy and people don’t like that!

Step 1

The first thing I do after I create a blog post is create a pinable image. I really like to look at my Pinterest analytics to see which pins of mine are doing well and what key words I used in those pins.  I use PicMonkey or Canva and I create an image, I log onto Pinterest and I pin it to every single one of my group boards. And because of that I usually am up to 100+ re-pins within a few short hours!

Then I wait about a week and I see how that pin did, and if it did well I create a similar image with a little bit different wording and link it to the very same post. Then I pin that new image to all my group boards.

Everyone has their own style, their own taste. So when it comes to images on Pinterest, different ones will catch different peoples attention, even though they link to the same post. (visual marketing folks!) That is why when it comes to creating a steady flow of traffic you have to try out different methods!

Step 2

Create a pingback. What is a pingback? A pingback is a way to link a new post to an old post. In each pin above I created a pingback to my eBook Pinterest Ninja, since my book pertains to most posts that I write! For example: If you haven’t purchased my eBook ‘Pinterest Ninja’ yet you need to click here to read more about it! See how that works?

When you create a blog post try and think of past posts you have written that may pertain to the new post you are writing, this way you can reference it in your new post. 99% of the time people are also going to click on the link you have referenced, so now you are getting traffic to your new post and your old post. Double the views!

Participate, participate, participate!

I said it before and I will say it again! Be sure to re-pin to all your group boards and participate in re-pin and share threads in Facebook Groups! You can click here to read how they can have a HUGE impact on your blog! (see? Pingback!)

Now it’s your turn!

Happy Pinning!

xo Megan