2021 Pinterest Metrics and New Features Update

It’s tough nowadays when it comes to Pinterest Marketing and rumors. A lot of “experts” out there claim different things as to what to do and how to pin and what is changing and what’s not. 

It can be HARD to keep up and truly know what is and is not true.

When Pinterest makes a BIG change that you as a content creator NEEDS to know about, they LET YOU KNOW. Normally you get updates when you log into Pinterest, but the #1 place to get TRUE updates and news is the Pinterest for Business newsletter. Here they give you all the information you need on updates, pinning strategies, best practices, and more. 

See, they don’t want to leave you in the dark if they change how they want us to pin. They WANT us to use the platform properly, so if they change something, they will let us know. They don’t want it to be a guessing game, or the platform would fail if they made big changes and didn’t let us know about it. 

You can sign up for the newsletter by clicking on the image below. 

Now, I am not saying these other Pinterest Marketing gals are not experts. I am just saying you need to fact check things before worrying too much. 

The Algorithm Rumors

These drive me the craziest. Someone comes on and says, “OMG, PINTEREST DID A BIG ALGORITHM UPDATE!” Yes, the algorithm is always changing. And if they let us know every time it made a slight shift, we would be getting notifications weekly. 

When a BIG change in the algorithm happens (such as how they prioritize content), they let us know. Again, they do want us pinning correctly! The better we do, the more money they make. 

Recent updates

Metrics! You may have noticed your numbers went up! They are now displaying your Impressions. Before they displayed your total audience, this just means they are now showing you how many feeds YOUR content has appeared in. 

Not a ton has changed, but if you want to read the update’s specifics, you can click here

Making Pinterest a shoppable platform.

This feature was rolled out back in April of 2020 and became available to more business users this past September. You can see the shop tab when you scroll down on your search bar. 

When a Pinterest user visits one of their boards containing shoppable items, they’ll see a Shop tab there, too.

This will let users shop the Pins’ products on their board, plus those that are “inspired” by the Pins. Again, this connects users to in-stock inventory for the items they are searching for. 

The new Shop tabs leverage Pinterest’s existing Product Pin technology, which links a Pin directly to the checkout page on the e-commerce website, encouraging transactions.

Now they are making it easier for users to shop via their home feed. Users won’t have to “search things out” anymore. Helping to make Pinterest a go-to for online shopping. 

If you are on Pinterest with your online store, you may have noticed this tab when you log in. (This is only available if you have been linking content to products. Via your website or Shopify, or another similar platform. 

This is one of my client’s accounts; they have an online shoe repair store and sell other various products. Once I am done setting this up, they will be able to have directly linked shoppable pins. Making it easier for them to make sales! 

If you want more information, you can click here

Last little change

Or at least I think it’s a change, but I am not 100% sure as no announcement has been made officially! So it COULD be a glitch!

Search bubbles! So it used to be that when you typed in a keyword in your search bar and hit enter, little colorful bubbles would appear below, showing you other keywords that have been searched along with your keyword. 

They are no longer showing up. BUT that’s okay! 

Here is why. These long-tailed keyword sentences appear when you search a keyword. These are always the top 5-10 trending searched long-tailed keyword sentences. So they are VERY beneficial to use in your uploaded pin descriptions! And board descriptions if you are just setting up your account. 

So if your bubbles are gone it’s ok! You can use these! 

Hopfully this post puts your mind at ease for now! Be sure to sign up for the news letter so when big changes are made you are the first to know!

Here are some up-to date tips on how Pinterest want’s us to be pinning. VERIFIED with a member of Pinterest corporate as of 1-22-21

  • Create fresh new images daily! Shoot for at least two! If you can do more, than that’s even better! 
  • Try not to send out more than 25 pins a day, pinning too much can hurt your reach. 
  • You can still link new images to old content. 
  • You don’t HAVE to pin other user’s content. But if you are just starting out and don’t have a ton of your own content yet you can still pin content that is relevant to your boards. 
  • Try not to pin the same pin image more than once, MAYBE twice. As long as the pin is optimized properly for SEO and going to relevant optimized boards, you will be golden! 
  • Use video pins! Add a moving element to your pin like an arrow, to make it a video pin. They are getting a MUCH higher reach right now than normal pins. 


Try not to stress about hear say! 

And as always if Pinterest has you confused click here


Happy Pinning

xo Megan