2021 Pinterest Myths, what is and isn’t true

YOU GUYS! I never argue with people online, like ever. I really see no point in it, but let me tell you. I am a member of a Pinterest Group on FB, and a girl posted that she was taking clients. She posted her strategy that she creates a new pin and then pins that one pin to multiple boards. 

This made me cringe as that is NOT okay anymore. But I nicely said“Hey! So you may want to brush up on Pinterest’s best practices for 2021, they no longer see re-pins from your personal account as good, and it can not only hurt the reach of your account, but it can get it shut down or flagged as spam.” 

And some of us know how hard it is to get your account back or get your reach back after that happens. 


A nice lady also decided to comment and tell me I was wrong… She said she had never heard that ever and I was the only one to say it. 

Here’s the thing, I to hear rumors ALL THE TIME. I NEVER EVER say anything to my students or anyone unless I know it to be 100% true. Because what is the point of spreading false info? I want all of my students to be successful! 

A lot of people consider themselves “experts” when it comes to Pinterest Marketing. While I am not claiming to be the best out there, I have been working in this field for OVER 6 years, and I have had 100’s of clients, over 5,000 people have taken my Pinterest course, and I have also trained 100’s of students on how to become Pinterest VA’s. I am saying this because I have had clients come to me because a “Pinterest Expert” has completely ruined their account. 

I also see experts still pinning incorrectly, optimizing for SEO incorrectly, and ruining other user’s accounts by claiming to know what they are doing. Pinterest isn’t a game; it’s a moneymaker and traffic driver for so many, and bringing someone on board who really doesn’t know what they are doing can be detrimental. 

REALLY do your research before hiring someone to help you. It’s a Pinterest Experts JOB to know what is the best Pinterest practice NOW and really stay up to date on what Pinterest wants from us as content creators. 

You never want to re-pin your own content. Once you upload a pin to Pinterest, you want to send it to the most relevant SEO-optimized board and then leave it! Never to be touched again!

Pinterest doesn’t want us to re-pin images; they want new ones daily! They do want others to re-pin your images, but they can tell if it’s a re-pin coming from your account or another user’s account.

All of my client’s accounts have been soaring due to this new strategy. We upload new images daily, and we never re-pin.


This is not a bashing post, to each their own! There are SO MANY amazing Pinterest Experts out there (including A LOT of my students!)! You just have to look out for the rumor spreaders! 

For 2021 so far (yes things change A LOT) you want to :

  • Pin new images daily (at least one)
  • Never re-pin your own content.
  • Make sure your boards are optimized properly for Pinterest SEO
  • Make sure your pins are optimized properly for Pinterest SEO
  • Don’t pin to boards that are not relevant to the pin’s topic and SEO
  • Careful not to re-pin the same content in TailWind
  • Pinterest has a FREE scheduler! 
  • You can use the same url! Just make sure you are changing up the pin image, wording and design! 

And if this has you confused click HERE

Happy Pinning! 

xo Megan