2021 Update: How to Make Money on Pinterest

{This post may contain affiliate links. That means I make a small commission at no extra cost to you. See my disclosure for details.}

2020 was the year of working online. Even for those who normally don’t work from home. Covid was a huge wake-up call for many, especially when it came to job security.

Self-employment rose by 25% in 2020 and is expected to go up, even more, this year with more and more people trying to make an income online and from the comfort of their home.

Now, if you would have told me 6 years ago, I would be making 3 times as much as I did when I was working in the corporate world, I would have said, you are crazy. While I do have a successful VA business and sell 2 courses, I make about 15% of my income from affiliate sales. Most of which come from Pinterest.

What is affiliate marketing? It’s when you promote a product or service for a business or company, and you get a commission when a sale is made.

Before I get into it, I want to be straight forward. You will NOT get rich overnight. It will take time and WORK to see results. But if you are willing to put in the work, it will pay off! $$$ I need to say this because I know how discouraging it can be when you start. I made $300 my first year blogging and was about to call it quits. But I kept going, and it was 100% worth it.

First off, not all affiliate programs are made equal.

For instance, Amazon affiliates. This is a program a lot of new bloggers get into and then get discouraged when 10 affiliate sales only makes them $4 or less.

To be really successful with Amazon, you need to already be getting a ton of website traffic. I’m talking 2-5K page views A DAY. And not only that, you have to convert A TON OF SALES.

I am guessing you are not at that level, or you wouldn’t be reading this post…

So which programs pay well and require little traffic? You want to consider joining affiliate networks. You can choose from 1,000’s of programs via these networks. They cater to all niches!

Here are the 3 I use.

#1 ShareASale

I love ShareASale; this is a great network for beginners. Most of the programs don’t require you to be getting a ton of traffic to join. You can also see how much each program pays. So you can choose to join programs that pay 15% or higher. You can check them out here.

#2 Awin

Awin is good for bloggers AND influencers. I like Awin because they have a great back end, so you can easily track what programs are converting best and making you the most money. You do need a medium to moderate traffic to join most of the programs on here. You can check them out here.

#3 Flex Offers

The reason I like Flex offers is that a lot of the programs on there allow you to directly link to a pin. Where most programs require you to promote via blog post or social media story, you can check them out here.

And with that being said, you should know this very important part of affiliate marketing and Pinterest. YOU MUST read the rules of every program you join! Some of them will allow you to directly link a pin to an affiliate link, and some won’t.

Suppose you do link directly to a pin, you want to consider using a plug-in like Pretty Links. This will make the URL you attach to your pin clean! Sometimes affiliate links can be flagged as spam on Pinterest because of the way they are formatted. Pretty links allow you to use your website/product.

For example I promote Autumn Lane Paperie as they did my logo and other assets for my business. Instead of using the affiliate link like this: https://autumnlanepaperie.com/ref/96/

I use this link I made via Pretty Links: http://lovefamilyhealth.com/autumnlane. This way, Pinterest doesn’t flag it.

Here is what it looks like on my site when I set it up via Pretty Links (a totally free plugin)


Again, make sure you read each program’s rules.

You ALWAYS have to note in your blog post AT THE TOP that your post may contain affiliate links. If you are able to directly link to Pinterest you have to note in the uploaded pin description that you are using an affiliate link, simply by saying #affiliatelink.

What works best.

I have found over the past 6 years that blog posts sell. Why is that? People like to read reviews. They like to see how a product or service has worked for or benefited you. The chance of making a sale via a blog post review is ten times higher than just attaching an affiliate link to a pin.

However, you can do both as long as the program allows it.

Tips for converting sales on Pinterest

  • Create eye-catching pins. Use colors and imaging that stand out.
  • Use catchy wording on your pins, such as trigger words, to get readers interested and wanting to click through to see what your pin is about.
  • Use PROPER Pinterest SEO. Your pin will never be seen if the SEO is not formatted correctly.
  • Write a review! How did this product or service help you? How can it help your reader?
  • Know your target market. If you are targeting Mothers between the ages of 25-35, think of products that they NEED and could benefit that specific target audience.
  • Create boards on Pinterest that pertain to what you blog about and what products you promote. Pinning relevant content to relevant boards will help even more with the reach of your pin.
  • Again, make sure your boards are also optimized PROPERLY for SEO.
  • Create new pin images daily. At least 1, but 2-3 is optimal. Pinterest pushes out fresh new content, so the more you create, the better.


Remember, it will take time. Don’t give up if you don’t make money overnight. Keep going!


And if you want to learn more about how to use Pinterest properly click, here!

Happy Pinning

xo Megan