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How do you drive a large amount of (quality) traffic to your website without putting in a ton of work? Isn’t that the question most new bloggers want answered? Or all of us for that matter! I know that was my problem my first year of blogging. I felt like I was doing everything I could, posting everywhere I could and I still wasn’t getting a lot of traffic.

There are 3 super simple ways to drive traffic to your site!

Step 1: Participate in Facebook Groups!

Yes you have all heard me say this before, but I am saying it again! Why? Because Facebook Groups are one of the keys to having your pins go viral! Facebook Groups are awesome when you want to find someone to collaborate with or guest post on another blogger’s blog. They are a fantastic place to ask questions and gain advice! And 99% of them do daily re-pin threads.

What is a re-pin thread? It’s a thread within the group, where you post a link to one of your pins that you want re-pins on. You re-pin however many pins within the thread that the rules state (it’s usually 5-10) and then people will reciprocate. This is a great way to have your pin go viral! And when your pin goes viral your stats shoot through the roof!

Step 2: Participate in Pinterest Group Boards!

Just think about it. You pin one of your pins to a group board that has over 10,000 followers; 10,000 people can see your pin and re-pin it! Then once they re-pin it, all of their followers see your content and so on. The very first thing I do when I write a new blog post, is create a new pin. Then I pin that pin to all 45 of my Pinterest group boards. Within an hour I always have 100+ re-pins. Then I log onto Facebook and participate in as many re-pin threads as I can! I have had pins go viral in less than 24 hours because of these groups.

I push Pinterest so much because Pinterest is so so underestimated, but it is such a HUGE TOOL when it comes to driving traffic. Traffic from people who are interested in your content!

Step 3: Comment on other bloggers blog posts (stay within your niche)

So I know this step seems silly but it works pretty well! Whenever you leave a comment on another bloggers post, in the spot where you are required to type your name, put your name and your sites name too!

It will look like this:

I can’t for the life of me think of the name for the | symbol but it looks much better and much less spammy than the @ symbol.  To get the | symbol to appear hold down “alt” then type 124. This has worked pretty well for me and I get a pretty good amount of traffic back to my site!

That is why it’s good to comment on a blog within your niche. Then their readers will be more inclined to read your info!

If you want more info on what Facebook Groups and Pinterest Group Boards to join, and how to join them, check out my eCourse ‘Pinterest Ninja’ you can click HERE to read more about it! Pinterest Ninja includes over 60 groups to join (all accepting contributors) direct links and who to email to get an invite. I have done ALL the hard work for you!

Here is my Facebook Group Pinterest Ninjas! If you want to get your pins out there and drive more traffic to your site, you can click on the image and join! 

It’s as simple as that!

xo Megan