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My next guest blogger in my “You can make money blogging without blogging about blogging” series… say that ten times fast 😉 Is Vera from HawaiiMompreneur. I have really gotten to know Vera over the last few months as she is a dedicated Pinterest Ninja student and has really made some killer progress with her blog! She is kind and very determined! And she has one out of the box tip on generating income that a lot of Mom bloggers don’t think about!

Starting with zero income from my blog: 1. Invest in yourself! 

Hi! I’m Vera and I am the Hawaii Mompreneur. As an agency recruiter from 1999-2009 I learned how to build a virtual presence as an Employment Specialist to businesses within the State of Hawaii. Since 2010 I continued to grow my virtual presence as an Employment Specialist as an independent recruiter and career coach. I had a free blog on Google Sites and WordPress.com and I made ZERO dollars from those blogs!

In 2017 my youngest child was going to preschool and would soon be entering Kindergarten so I decided it was time I began to scale and grow to a profitable business that I could manage from home and not have to commute to a 9-5 job. At this stage of my life my husband and me had 11 kids (none were twins and all are ours). Can you imagine? 11 kids! I was working a 9-5 AND trying to grow my virtual business! Without taking the time to invest in myself, I wasn’t growing as a professional, as a business owner and as a mom. In September of 2017 I bought a course from Suzi at StartAMomBlog.com called Blog By Number and I was like a sponge! I soaked most of it up and started my website Hawaiimompreneur.

Employment Specialists Hawaii was now official and professional! In November 2017, I bought Pinterest Ninjas from Megan Johnson. There I learned about FREE marketing strategies. The investments I made in myself as a business owner were priceless! Check with your tax professional…these courses and membership fees could be a tax deduction on your business! My online income for February 2018 was over $10,000.00! A major part of my income was from my professional online recruiting firm. I also started my online agency in January 2018 by providing virtual work in construction. TAKE AWAY – Invest in yourself! I bought Blog By Number  &  Pinterest Ninjas in September and November 2017! Currently I am still working my 9-5 but with results like these, my goal is to be working completely from home by the end of 2018.

2. Sharing is caring! Using affiliate links to make money

In November 2017 I also wanted to rapidly increase my reach, spend less time creating blog posts and MAKE MONEY (hopefully with JUST MY PHONE.) I studied Pinterest Ninja and decided to purchase the course because I knew it would help teach me how to make money with just my phone! I didn’t have the money to buy it…YET so I used Affiliate Marketing to gain income to buy the course. There is a simple 3 step process that does not even require a blog that you can make money  with on Pinterest!

#1 – Create a Pin (use Canva or PicMonkey for a free image)

#2 – Edit the Pin directly to include your affiliate link to the product you are promoting (just be sure the affiliate program allows you to directly link affiliate links) 

#3 – Share the Pin! Viola! 

Here’s my post on; “How I made $68 with a few clicks on my iPhone”  

As a busy mom with 11 kids living in Hawaii, I don’t have time to spare! I make my shopping lists according to the sales ads and pair items with digital coupons, coupons from Sunday’s paper and items I can get cash back with! There’s many apps that offer cash back on purchases! The one that tops my list is iBotta. I made $68 in one day with my phone and iBotta! Click here for details on how to use iBotta to make money with your phone buying everyday purchases! Enter your info below to get my FREE spreadsheet so you can easily keep track of all your affiliate links, making it much easier for you to add them to your pins and blog posts! 

Programs like iBotta are GREAT for mom bloggers, as you make money when people sign up as well! (Create a pin for it!) You can cash out in the form of gift cards to stores like Target, Walmart , Starbucks (to support your coffee addiction) and MANY more options! So while this may not be $100 sent to your PayPal account, it’s still money you can use on groceries and other house hold items! Think outside of the box! Because this is another great way to make money with your blog!

3. Empower others!

I joined Facebook groups like Pinterest Ninjas, joined Pinterest Group Boards and decided to opt-in to email newsletters! By surrounding myself with other entrepreneurs I can share what they teach and learn from what they teach! There are also other mompreneurs who offer products or services such as: Wedding Planning, Sweet Treats, Photography, Bookkeeping or sell Younique, DoTerra or Isagenix. All services which you can promote online AND on Pinterest!  I offer Social Media Management to these ladies so that they can focus on their business! Empowering others has allowed me to gain knowledge. We also sometimes exchange products or services too! See my article Featured Mompreneurs on how other MOMPRENEURS are making money online!