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The biggest mistake I see people make is that they try to fit in, not stand out.
But on Instagram that’s a big no no: In fact, your entire brand strategy should be focused on how you can STAND OUT.
From working with global brands in some of London’s top advertising agencies, I can share a big secret with you (something every brand is trying to achieve, and something you should be aiming for too): All brands want to be top of mind with their audience.
And why is that? Well, being top of mind simply means that your audience thinks of you first when they need something (.. and your brand has the solution to – which is exactly how I made my first sales despite having less than 500 Instagram followers at the time).
Have you ever wondered why those other female entrepreneurs all manage to hone in on those juicy 5, 6 or 7 figure launches despite all their products or services being the same? It’s because their audience comes to them to buy first. They are top of mind.



In my killer online course, ‘BOOST Your Brand On Instagram’ I’ll show you exactly how to get into your audience’s heads first.


In fact, I can tell you right now – it’s by being known for ONE thing.

Think about it, your profile is not the only one your audience is going to see that day.
Your potential followers/customers are scrolling through hundreds, or even thousands, of other people’s profiles!
So the real challenge for your brand is: How can you stand out? How can you boost your brand awareness? And how can you make your brand top of mind?
Consistency is one piece of the puzzle. Build brand awareness by aligning your bio, your visuals, your content and even your engagement strategies.
But be consistently you! Most female entrepreneurs fall into the trap of trying to step in other girl’s footsteps. That means that their feeds and caption copy all look pretty much identical.

Don’t be that girl.

If you want to boost your brand, grow your following and makes sales, you’ve got to stand out. What do you want to be known for?
So now we know what we want, let’s also look at what we don’t want – here’s the 4 most common mistakes I see people making on Instagram:

Mistake Nr 1: Generic bio

  • Brand awareness starts with your bio, and this is where people make their first mistake.
  • Your bio is your audience’s first real introduction to your brand. You need to tell your future audience what your brand offers, why it’s different to everyone else, what’s in it for them and give them a good reason to follow you.
  • One of my hobbies is to go around looking at people’s profiles, and there was once this girl with an amazing bio that was clear, witty, individual, funny. But one morning I saw that she had changed it to a very generic, boring, same-same bio like everybody else in her niche. I was pulling my hair out screaming ‘WHY??’. Then it dawned on me. She had probably thought to herself, “Oh my god, my bio is different than everyone else’s”, got spooked and changed it to fit in.
  • Bad move. The only reason that I still remember her bio is that it was different to the other girls. Do you know what I mean?
  • Writing the perfect bio is crucial for the success of your brand. That’s why I dedicate an entire module to it in my online course, using 15 real IG examples and explaining why they are effective.
  • The better you understand who your brand is serving, the better your bio is going to be. If you need help defining your audience, then try my fool-proof 3-Step Social Listening System (it got the thumbs up from @TylerJMcCall, 11.1k followers, and @_thesixfigurechick_, 183k followers).

Mistake #2: Boring visuals

  • One comment I receive over and over is that people recognize my images. Many describe it as my ‘handwriting’ (MEGA blush, but this is exactly what I’m trying to achieve). Let me explain what works.
  • In fact, just ask yourself right now: What images would you remember from scrolling through your IG feed today – the generic stock photo one, or the one with a big pink doughnut (wink wink)?
  • Doughnut wins every time, right? So, your visuals have two jobs to do: they need to be recognizable amongst hundreds of other profiles, and they need to tell a story.
  • What a lot of people do – posting random images – will not create brand recognition or pop out in a feed of hundreds of other images.
  • Finding a recognizable style is easier than you think, because less is more. Remember, you need to be known for ONE thing. In my course, I’ll show you how you can find “key visuals” that are right for your brand and generate more consistency.

Emotions Drive Sales

  • From years and years of experience working as an art director in ad agencies, I have learned that you need to sell a feeling, a story. Just posting a pack shot is not going to cut it.
  • Instead, think about how your product would fit into your target person’s life, how it would make them feel.
  • In my course, I use two real IG examples that master the art of visual storytelling so you can see exactly how they do it (one service-based biz, a nail salon, and the other a product based jewellery designer. Seriously girls, if you fall under any of those two categories DO CHECK OUT this course. I truly believe my visual storytelling module could change your biz forever.)

Mistake 3: Copy-paste content

  • What goes for visuals also goes for content. Again, the trick is not to fit in, but to stand out.
  • Most people talk about the same stuff because they see other femtrepreneurs do it. But just because this content works for other girls doesn’t mean it will work for your brand.
  • Rather than copy paste what’s out there, always ask yourself: “How can I make people remember my content?”
  • In BYBOI I teach you how to build brand awareness with your content, show you the best way to structure it and explain when to push out your most important sales post – following the same principle I used to land my sales. (When your content feels relevant to your audience, selling doesn’t feel salesy. You are providing something they need. Find out how I pre-frame my audience so that when I’m ready to sell, they are ready to buy.)

Mistake 4 – No Engagement strategy

  • Gaining followers is the easy part: Keeping them engaged is trickier. I made my first sale with less than 500 IG followers (and I continue to make sales thanks to having an engagement strategy). Every piece of content is groundwork, putting you top of mind so that when you’ve finally got something to sell, your audience (however large) is already hungry for it.
  • That’s why I don’t believe in hacks and ‘get followers quick’ schemes. Even if they do actually work and you gain an extra 1k followers, what are you going to do to keep them coming back?
  • In my course, I share my top engagement strategies to keep your tribe happy, including Tribe Time™ which explains why you have to be active after posting to see your engagement levels rise.
  • I hope you learned some useful tips on Instabranding today. If you’re really ready to BOOST your brand on Instagram and take things to the next level, then check out my course curriculum to see what I can do for you.


Kristin Brause has been obsessed with brands from the age of 5, and has worked at some of London’s top digital advertising agencies as a digital art director, creating kickass campaigns for global brands. She has won awards for her work and learnt from the best. Now she works as an Instagram and Brand coach teaching female entrepreneurs and business owners how to build their brand on Instagram.
Instagram @kristinbrause