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Traffic, traffic, traffic. The one thing all of us bloggers crave. There are many different ways to obtain it, but once you do, how do you get your reader to stick around your site for even longer?

Yes getting a pageview is excellent, but what if one pageview turned into 5? Or what if that reader turns into a sale? Or a client? Or makes an affiliate purchase? Bu getting them to stick around your site even longer, they can see more of your content AND other services you may offer.

So how do you do it?


Make sure your site is EASY to navigate. One of the first things I tell 99% of my clients is that they have TOO many ads on their website. This is one of the number one things that can lose you a reader in less than 5 seconds. Now I am not saying get rid of your ads altogether, but don’t overload your posts with them.

If you do keep your ads, only keep 1-2 per page, with one being on the sidebar and one being in the middle or preferably at the end of your blog posts. If your readers have to keep clicking out of adds or scrolling through them to actually read your content, the likeliness of them sticking around to read more is slim to none.


If you can, add backlinks to other posts that pertain to the current post you are writing. So going back to my first example, here is a post I wrote on how ads could be hurting your blog traffic. Now, while you are reading this post, you may click on the backlink to check out the other post I wrote on ads. Turning one pageview into two. See how that works?

You only want to add links to posts that pertain to your current topic. But this is a GREAT way to keep readers on your site and reading more of your content!


Freebies/lead magnets. Offering something for free such as a weekly meal plan or social media schedule will not only build your email list, but it will bring your readers back for more! You are not only showing them you create quality content, but you now have a way to send your excellent content directly to their inbox each week/month.

I TRY and post one new blog post a week, and as soon as I have that scheduled to publish, I also schedule it to be sent to my email list!

A lot of times I will suggest other posts, products or services at the end of the email to bring that loyal follower back to my website for more!


Two things here. 1. Make it clear what you do and what they can get from your site. I realize this is more of a “homepage” thing, but I can’t even count how many times I have visited a blog and honestly wasn’t clear on what they were about. I always tell my clients to think of their home pages as a short and sweet resume! Who are you and what can I get from your blog? Here is my homepage so you can get a rough idea!

2. Social SHARE buttons AND “Follow Me” buttons! Make it easy for your readers to find you online AND share your awesome content so even more people will visit!







Plain and simple, make it easy for your readers to read your posts, navigate your site and share your content. Less is more my friends!

xo Megan