5+ Fool Proof Ways to get more traffic from Pinterest!

Are you looking to get more traffic from Pinterest? Maybe you aren’t getting the Pinterest traffic you want, or you are new and want to know where to start!

Here are 5+ tips on how to get more traffic from Pinterest!

Keywords and SEO.

First and foremost, you want to know what YOUR keywords are. What do you want your content and profile to rank under?

This is a crucial first step. Setting up your account with proper Pinterest SEO from day one will help your confidence score start off on the right foot.

Your confidence score is how Pinterest ranks you as a pinner. (You can read more on it here)  And SEO plays a LARGE role in achieving a higher confidence score. This is so important because it’s easier to earn and keep a high confidence score if you are doing things right from day 1!

So be sure to optimize your account, boards, and pins with proper Pinterest SEO! You can learn more about that here.

Pinning Strategies

Every business owner and content creator will have a different pinning strategy.

So try and steer clear of those who are telling you to pin a certain way. Because we all have different niches and different audiences, what works for one pinner will probably not work for the next.

To figure out the best pinning strategy for you, you will have to play around with pinning frequency, times of the day you pin, and how many pins you are uploading each week.

Be careful not to pin with outdated Pinterest practices; they get you into trouble!

Pin Design

Be sure you are creating easy-to-read and professional-looking pins. You want the wording to be clear and large enough for users to easily read while scrolling through their smart feeds.

Remember, you don’t want to use the same layout for all of your pins. If all of your pins look-alike Pinterest may not consider them “fresh.”

Playing around with coloring, wording, and pin design is the best way to see what your audience responds to in terms of engagement.

Your Pinterest Boards

Circling back to SEO, you want to ensure your boards are correctly set up and optimized.

If you are pinning to a board that is not optimized correctly, it will hurt the reach of the pin and your account.

Make sure you are using trending keywords for your title and that you include them in your board description as well!

Remember NOT to keyword stuff! Laying out your keywords the way Pinterest puls them is the best practice for SEO.


Knowing how to read your analytics and metrics can help you better understand what is and is not working with your current pinning strategy.

It will show you what pins are getting the most engagement which will help you create more engaging content moving forward.

You can use different types of searches with your analytics to compare your boards and see which boards are bringing you the most traffic and sending you the most outbound clicks!

Knowing how to compare these numbers is super important when it comes to where your content is being pinned to!


Whether you have a new account or your account has sat dormant for a while, the key to success is to stay consistent with your pinning.

You want to upload AT LEAST 1 new pin image a day, even if the pin links to an old post. Remember not to re-pin the same image to multiple boards; this is a VERY outdated practice and will get you into trouble!

Remember, new accounts and accounts that haven’t been pinned to in a while will take time to pick up traction. If you follow the above steps, your confidence score and reach will grow!

And if this all seems like a lot, you can click HERE to learn more about current pinning strategies, proper SEO, and current best practices!

Happy Pinning!

xo Megan