5+ Things you can drive traffic to with Pinterest

Pinterest is a great traffic driver if you know what you are doing! I work for clients in all sorts of niches, so everyone drives traffic to various types of pages and items!

Pinterest is so beneficial for your business that once you upload a pin to the platform, it’s on there for LIFE! I have pins from 5+ years ago that still send me traffic and MAKE ME MONEY to this day!

Here is a list of different things you can use Pinterest to drive traffic to!

One. Blog posts

This is an obvious one, as Pinterest is a big platform for content creators and a place that many users go to get advice on various blogging topics! It’s best practice to optimize your profile to fit in with your blogging niche and to hide or delete any boards that do not pertain to what you blog about.

The cool thing is when you start ranking on Pinterest with specific keywords, you can also rank on Google and other search engines as well, for FREE.

Two. Email lists

Pinterest is the sole reason my email list stands at over 25K. Piggybacking on #1, I would always make sure (as long as it pertained) that my popular blog posts had an email sign-up! Whether that was a freebie that I was giving away or just an email pop-up asking to subscribe to my blog.

90% of my subscribers came right from Pinterest!

Three. Services you offer

Are you a VA? A life coach? A writer? Content creator? If you offer a service when it comes to your business, you can 100% use Pinterest to grow your clientele. Other than word of mouth, a lot of my clients have found me on Pinterest! 

You can either drive traffic to a, “work with me,” page or you can promote services in a blog post. It’s a great way to promote the services you offer! 

Four. Instagram

I have had many students use Pinterest to grow their Instagram following. Especially if your Instagram goes hand in hand with your business, you can now claim your Instagram account with Pinterest, which makes it easier to save your Instagram posts as pins!

So not only can you promote your business, but you can grow your followers!

Five. YouTube

Another newer feature is linking your YouTube account to your Pinterest Account! This has been huge for those wanting to grow their YouTube channels! 

Six. A Product you sell

95% of the sales for my courses come directly from Pinterest. If you sell a product, you can 150% promote it on Pinterest. You can either directly link to a product page, or you can link to a post that links to a product page. Some URL’s perform better than others, so you will have to play around with them!

Seven. TikTok

While you can’t directly link your TikTok account (yet) you can use your videos from TikTok to create Idea pins on Pinterest. You can then give users instructions on how to follow you on TikTok!

When used correctly, Pinterest can be a HUGE traffic driver for your business or your social media!

If you want to learn more about how Pinterest works, click HERE!

Happy Pinning!

xo Megan