7 Common mistakes you are probably making on Pinterest…

Pinterest can be A LOT, am I right? If only it were as easy as it was when it first launched back in 2010! When you would upload a pin or save a pin, and ALL of your followers would see it in their home feeds, I WISH.

I DO NOT say anything or spread any information until I have it confirmed with my contact at Pinterest. I have worked with her for just over a year now, and it’s been nice to get confirmation on rumors some Pinterest Marketers seem to be spreading.

Sadly these rumors can damage your account. You will either get suspended for pinning improperly OR worse, marked as spam, and then your reach NEVER recovers.

That is why it’s SO hard to see some Pinterest VA’s not pinning properly. I don’t think they realize the damage they can do to a client’s account—a client who relies on Pinterest for traffic.

So please know, any information you hear from me has been CONFIRMED with my contact! 

It is VERY frustrating; they don’t make things clearer when they decide to change up how they want us to pin. But I will do my best to keep my readers updated with what I know to be true!

1. Your profile is not optimized properly for SEO. 

This means your ENTIRE profile. From the username to your about me and of course, all of your board names and descriptions. Proper profile optimization is crucial when it comes to your profile being found! I consistently rank on the top row under “people” when it comes to Pinterest marketing because my profile is optimized correctly.

2. You are re-pinning the same pin over and over. 

THIS IS A BIG NO-NO. I see users upload a pin and then send it to 5 group boards. Not only will this get your account flagged as spam, or worse, suspended. I still see Pinterest VA’s doing this as well; YIKES! It does NOTHING for the reach of your pin. Pinterest wants us to pin new content (images) over re-pinning something already on the platform. It’s 100% okay for others to re-pin your content; you want that. But they see re-pins from your account as BAD. More on that here


3. You are still pinning to group boards. 

This goes hand in hand with #2. The best practice right now is to create a pin and optimize it for SEO. You upload it to the most relevant, SEO-optimized board. And then you leave it! Never to be re-pinned by you again. MOST group boards are not optimized properly. So you are better off pinning your pin to one of your boards as long as they are set up properly.

Now, your group board could be very niched down and optimized correctly. Then you can pin to it! But you want to upload it to the group board directly, so it doesn’t count as a re-pin from your personal account.


4. You aren’t pinning enough. 

Right now, you want to be uploading AT LEAST 1 new image a day. Minimum. I do anywhere from 1-4, depending on the day. And if I miss a day, my numbers drop. You do NOT need to be creating new blog posts left and right. You can link a new pin image to an old post! Just be sure to change up the appearance and layout of the pin. You can even update the SEO, too, to see if you can achieve a better reach with the new pin.


5. You are using 3rd party pin schedulers like TailWind. 

I had TailWind reach out to me about a week ago and ask me if I could talk about them to my students. I replied with, “If you can tell me why TailWind is still relevant now with Pinterest’s best practices changing.”

She replied, saying I could get a better reach using TailWind. FALSE. My reach doubled on my pins when I STOPPED using TailWind and started scheduling my pins with Pinterest’s FREE scheduler.

Guys, Pinterest wants you on their platform. Period. They make more money when you are using the platform directly. So yes, your pins will perform better if you upload them DIRECTLY to Pinterest and not schedule them to post via TailWind. This has at least been true for myself and all 18 of my clients. And pretty much all of the students in my group!

Plus, the Pinterest scheduler is FREE.


6. You aren’t adding trigger words to your pins, or playing around with designs. 

Clicks. This is what we all want from Pinterest, am I right? This is also the MOST challenging part of using the Pinterest platform, which is getting that click over to your website.

So what is the secret to getting those clicks?

Well, my friend, there isn’t one. It takes trial and error to see what YOUR audience responds to. Yes, I can give you some pointers and things to try, but what works for my audience that is interested in Marketing. It probably won’t work for an audience interested in parenting.
Trigger words are words that “spike curiosity.” Like, FREE, Simple. Must-have and so on. It’s been found that adding trigger words to the image of the pin increases the clicks! You can click here and snag your FREE PDF of 35+ trigger words! 

When it comes to pin design it will take time to see what the people in your target audience are responding to. Bright colors, neutral color, bright images, no images. It will take time, but once you get it down, pin creation will be easier moving forward. 

If you struggle with pin design, you can snag 150 editable Canva pin templates here


7. You expect instant results over night. 

I WISH Pinterest was an “instant” fix for traffic. Sadly, it takes some time. New accounts can take 6+ months to take off, and that is only if you are consistent with your pinning. But once they do, it’s all worth it! More on that here

I know this platform can be A LOT. I have been doing this for almost 7 years now. I have worked for so many different niches, and I haven’t found one that has not succeeded on Pinterest. 

If you want to learn more in-depth on how this platform works and take your blog to the next level, click here


And as always, 

Happy Pinning 

xo Megan