8 Tips to help with the latest 2020 Pinterest Algorithm Update!

Wowza, anyone else struggling to keep up with all the algorithm updates lately? JEEZE!

This is going to be a short and to the point post on what you need to be doing to help bring up your reach.


FRESH NEW IMAGES. Say it again with me, I need to be creating at LEAST 3 new pins a week, but the goal is 5/6. Now more than ever, Pinterest only wants to show new content. Not necessarily new content in terms of blog posts, so don’t go killing yourself writing a new post a day.

They simply want new images. They don’t want to be showing you images you have seen before.

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This is the BIGGEST change. Well not really a change since Pinterest has always focused on this. But right now, they are making it their main goal to always be showing new content.


TRY not to let everyone else tell you which strategy works and which doesn’t. I have been doing Pinterest marketing for over 6 years and I have clients in many different niches.

What works for one person will probably not work for the next.

It makes me crazy when people say, “this is what you should do!” A person who REALLY knows Pinterest knows that each strategy for every content creator will be VERY different.

It all comes down to playing around with things. And taking the time to see what is getting that reach and click and what is not.

The basics to follow are this:

  1. Create new images weekly, preferably 5-6
  2. Only pin to RELEVANT boards. You don’t have to be pinning to group boards to get a good reach, see my post here.
  3. Keep your pin count UNDER 40 total pins going out a day. Pinning too much can hurt your reach. I try and stick between 15-25 MAX
  4. Don’t focus on your monthly Pinterest views! Focus on actual traffic to your website. Pinterest numbers don’t always reflect your actual analytics so try and rely on JetPAck or Google analytics for that.
  5. Try not to pin pins that are 1 month old or more. By pinning older pin,s it can hurt your reach since Pinterest doesn’t want to show them.
  6. If you are creating 5+ new pins weekly, that is 25ish new pins monthly. That is the perfect number! This way, it will be easier not to recycle old images.
  7. Consider joining TailWind to help you keep content constantly moving.
  8. If you are on TailWind already, consider pinning manually a few times a day as well. Pinterest likes when you are actually active on the platform and not solely using a pin scheduler.

Keep going! It’s SUPER annoying to see your numbers drop! I GET IT! But if you are willing to try new things and keep creating new images, you will eventually see them go up!

Pro-tip: If you are using TailWind, try not to schedule out content more than two weeks in advance. This way, if things tank, you can switch up your strategy by pinning more or less, etc. 

And of course, if this all SUPER confusing, click here!

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Happy Pinning!