A Fool Proof Pinterest Pinning Strategy for 2024!

It’s 2024! The new year is always the busiest time of the year for my business. It’s when my course sales soar and the time of year I get the most inquiries about my Pinterest management services. 

A new year tends to light a fire under people’s bums and motivate them to take their businesses to the next level by getting more eyes on their products or content. 

In this post, I will review how you should be pinning in 2024 on Pinterest. I will also go over what not to do. I think I will start with that! 

For those of you who are new here, welcome! I’m Megan, and I’m a Pinterest Marketing Expert and Educator. I have been working in the Pinterest marketing field since 2015 and have run a successful Pinterest Marketing agency for over 9 years now. I have seen and been through it all when it comes to Pinterest Marketing. I pride myself on staying current with what works now so I can keep you all in the loop! 

Let’s dive in! 

How NOT to pin on Pinterest in 2024

Remember how I said the new year always brings new Pinterest clients? Well, my recent interaction with a potential client was the reason I was inspired to write this post. 

I will lead with this: there are SO many outstanding Pinterest educators out there who I also admire and still learn from. That being said, there are also many Pinterest educators out there who are teaching extremely outdated practices and Pinterest VAs who are still pinning improperly, which is so dangerous

Dangerous because they are teaching people incorrectly, and when you pin with outdated strategies that are “spammy,” well, your account gets flagged and shut down. And then, my friend, you are starting back at square 1. 

This client reached out to me for help, and when I went over how I pin, she said that another agency she contacted sent out SIX HUNDRED to NINE HUNDRED pins a month. 

🤦‍♀️ You guys. 

No. Like a MILLION times, no

This is where my job gets complicated because I am trying to convince them that that will get their account banned. And if you are also a Pinterest VA reading this, I know you get the struggle! I hear you! But please know this is NOT a dig at the person who reached out for help. How is she supposed to know that pinning 600-900 pins a month is a bad idea? And from her perspective, when someone else is telling her they are going to pin that much, she probably thinks her account will blow up with views and enagement.

When, in fact, the only way to pin that much is to repin the same image multiple times to multiple boards, which is not only an incorrect but very outdated pinning practice (we will get to in a minute.) And when I am charging the same for ten new images a week (40 a month), the latter looks like a much better deal, so I don’t blame her! But this is a learning lesson for everyone reading, that pinning that much is not recommended. Please don’t do it. 

So I told her I, unfortunately, could not pin like that and be liable for her account getting shut down because sending out that many pins would inevitably trip a spam filter. 

In December, Pinterest put out a statement saying that they will be making algorithm updates that will specifically crack down on pinning that indicates spam activity, such as overpinning. Don’t worry; it won’t be like the spam glitch debacle of 2019. At least, I hope not. 

So, my friends here is what NOT to do when it comes to pinning in 2024: 

  • Do not re-pin images to multiple boards. I can’t stress this enough. This is a practice that will also set off a spam filter. Even if it hasn’t yet, it will. Fresh pins will ALWAYS outperform duplicate pins. Eventually, the algorithm will flag your duplicate pins as spam. And with Pinterest cracking down on spam this year, I would STOP now. I know there are “experts” out there teaching this outdated strategy still. Once your pin is uploaded and saved, do not touch it! 
  • Do not send out 600 pins a month. Though I am sure most of you know this! I will cover the current best practice for pinning coming up. 
  • If you are still using TailWind, stop using the looping feature. Those are duplicate pins; again, it will set off a spam filter. Pinterest has a FREE scheduler you can use, and it works GREAT! 

Here is how you SHOULD be pinning in 2024

I have a pretty solid strategy in place that I implement for each account I work on. I will start by saying 99% of accounts on Pinterest will see steady growth by sending out 1-2 FRESH new pin images a day, saved to the most relevant board. 

The most I have ever pinned for a client is three fresh new images a day. And that is for a more prominent name brand that also has me run ads for them. 

But all my other accounts thrive on 1-2 new pin images a day. That’s it. 

Now, keep in mind that when looking at growth, I mainly focus on engagement

Yes, reach comes into play. But you will always see your Pinterest reach go up and down. So many things factor into reach, like the type of content you create, the current season we are in, the age of your account, etc. 

Here are the things you want to keep in mind when creating a solid pinning strategy: 

  1. Trends. My favorite feature on Pinterest is the trends tool. You can see what trends are currently popular and what trends are growing. They break the growth down by weeks, months, and years. If you see a trend trending up in all three areas, you can bet your pin will trend a lot faster if you use keywords that pertain to that trend. Focus on growing trends. This way, your reach will slowly grow for 1-2+ weeks after uploading your pin.  Content starts to trend on Pinterest about 4-6 weeks before the holiday or season. So Christmas content starts to trend in October. Summer content will start to trend around the end of April. 
  2. Analytics. Read them—every week. When I log into a client’s account or my own to schedule content for the week, the first place I go is the analytics. I like to see what content of mine is popular with MY audience right now. This not only helps me figure out what old posts of mine are doing well that I should create new pin images for, but it also gives me inspiration on new content to create based on what my audience is truly interested in. The trick with Pinterest is to keep doing what is working. If your audience is connecting with a specific topic or offer, keep pushing that, and you’ll see your numbers start to rise!
  3. Pinning. Pinterest is not as hard as some make it out to be. You do not have to send out hundreds of new pins a month to see growth. Focus on 1-2 FRESH new images each day. Start slow. If your account is new or sat untouched for a while, it’s not always a good idea to get excited and send out a ton of pins. A sudden increase like that could set off a spam filter. Slow and steady wins the race
  4. Time of day you pin. Pinterest says that its peak hours for active users start around 5 pm, and picks up between 8 and 11 pm, and then again from 2 to 4 am. You will have to test things out to see what time of day your audience is most active
  5. SEO. You can look through my blog and see how much I preach about SEO on Pinterest. But that is because so many users are still not optimizing their accounts or pins properly, which is a huge reason they have low reach and low engagement. Making sure your profile, boards, and pins are optimized properly will play the largest role when it comes to your content being seen by the correct set of eyes. When you create great content, you want as many people as possible to see it, and using Pinterest for SEO research is the best way to get a solid grasp on what your audience is actually looking for so that you can target them effectively

Lastly, keep realistic expectations. As you can see below, Pinterest can be so beneficial when you use it properly and stick to it. Numbers like this are 100% possible, but they will NOT happen overnight. It could even take you a year of consistency to see higher numbers. But this time next year, you will be SO happy you invested in your business. 

I spend ONE hour a week on my Pinterest account. That’s it. I take a deep dive into my analytics, Pinterest trends, etc, and create, optimize, and schedule my pins. It doesn’t have to be a ton of work. But your website traffic will reap the benefits! 

If you want to learn more about how to use Pinterest properly in 2024, click HERE!

As always, 

Happy pinning! 

xo Megan