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There are about a million and 5 Pinterest pinning strategies out there. And really, there is no right or wrong way to pin. Unless you are pinning back to back to back pins with the same link, that’s a no-no.

However, I do feel like I get a lot of my writing inspiration from the 12+ blogging Facebook groups I am a part of, including my own.

I think a lot of content creators (including myself) get excited when we publish new content. It does, after all, take a lot of time to write a decent blog post and once you hit publish you want to blast it for the world to see.

So the first thing a lot of bloggers do is create 3-5 different pins for one blog post and then upload them to Pinterest all at once.

Here is why that isn’t helping you.

One. That is a lot of work. Not only did you just spend a ton of time writing a blog post but you then spent a ton of time creating five pins. And while they all might be awesome pins, they all might convert terribly and then you REALLY wasted your valuable time.

And while you can look at those individual metrics to see how each pin performs, you could be getting an even better reach AND conversion by creating ONE pin at a time.

Here is what I mean by that.

You create your pin, upload it to Pinterest and then sit back and see what happens. I ALWAYS suggest giving a pin a SOLID 14 days to be out in the Pinterest world, before you study your pin metrics.

This way it has time to catch up with the algorithm and appear in smart feeds.

Then you can look at your metrics to see how the pin is performing. If it’s not converting to website traffic, you THEN can create a new pin for that post.

While this pin is now a few weeks old, it’s not converting as well as it was before. Plus, with 29.8K impressions, this pin should have a lot more clicks. So, I can learn from this pin. I know the keywords are great since my reach is so great. But I may need to change the wording and imaging to get this pin to stand out even more

You can learn from your first pin that didn’t do so well. What can you add to your new pin in terms of wording to get that click? How can you make your new pin stand out even more than the last? Can you use different colors? Images?

Plus, Pinterest loves fresh new content. Even if that is just a new pin image linking to an old post. They will prioritize that new pin. So if you are posting 5 new pins at once they all get pushed out at one time. (Again, not knowing if they will convert well or not.)

But if you wait and space out that pin, study your metrics, create a new, better pin. You will GREATLY expand your pins reach AND your chance of optimal pin conversion.

And if Pinterest totally has you stumped, click here.

Happy Pinning!

xo Megan