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Up until recently I didn’t focus a ton on my blogs Facebook page. Pinterest is my thing, and that is what I spend most of my time focusing on! However, I also know Facebook can be a huge source of traffic and a crucial part of your online business.

Building a successful brand whether you are a blogger or business owner comes down to one thing, consistency. If you have a consistent brand, you look much more professional and you have a much better chance of having a solid following. Why? Because it looks like you have your stuff together and you know what you are talking about!

One of the best ways to show consistency? Through your Social Media accounts! 

I know what you are thinking, “I don’t have time to spend on Facebook and Pinterest and all my other Social Media accounts every day promoting my business!” Want to know what? NEITHER DO I! And truthfully I really didn’t focus on my other Social Media accounts until these past couple months. But when I really started to focus on all my Social Media accounts something petty awesome happened, I went from less than 200 Facebook likes to almost 1,000 (973 to date). Want to know how long that took me? LESS THAN A MONTH! This week alone I have 96 new page likes! These are genuine likes too, people that actually interact! 

You are probably thinking, “No, way!” or “I’m sure she spent hours every day promoting her page” FALSE. 99% of the time I spend 30 min MAX every day on promoting my blog and my Social Media accounts. I have two kids and my husband is in the military so he is rarely home. And after I put my kids to bed at night I want to turn on some trashy T.V. and zone out.

So why should all this matter to you? 

Because, when I really stared to be consistent on my Social Media accounts it REALLY increased my following, my email list BLEW UP and my sales skyrocketed. Want to know what else went WAY UP? My page views! So far this month I am at 35K!  What do I do to make it work? Well all of that can be found in my eCourse Pinterest Ninja (which can also be printed out) I realize there are a million and 5 eBooks, courses and guides  out there on how to grow your Social Media following. But I know mine work! They have worked for me (and still work for me) and they have work for my customers! Just check out the stats and reviews! They speak for themselves!

I am currently working on adding a WHOLE NEW section to Pinterest Ninja on Affiliate Marketing! There is already a video tutorial in Pinterest Ninja that will show you how to market your affiliates, but I am going to make it even better! I will take you step-by-sptep from post creation, to pin creation, to marketing that pin! There will also be over 30+ affiliates you can join to start making some cash money with your blog! Right now Pinterest Ninja is only $14.99 but it will soon be going up to $19.99, If you purchase it before the price goes up, you will get all the new content for FREE! And you will CONTINUE to get updates for FREE anytime I make one! Which is often, since I only want to make Pinterest Ninja better and be able to help you with your business even MORE!

I hope you take advantage of all that Pinterest Ninja has to offer! I promise you won’t be disappointed!

xo Megan