An Easy To Follow Pinterest Pinning Strategy for 2024

Pinning Strategy. 

If you are a seasoned Pinterest user, you have probably heard that term more than once. 

But, if you are newer to Pinterest, you may have landed on this blog post because you are trying to figure out precisely what a “pinning strategy” is. 

Even if you are a seasoned Pinterest user, you may have landed here because you are getting a low reach and low engagement, and you want to see how you can switch up your pinning strategy in order to encourage more engagement with your pins. 

Today, I will break down a tried and true pinning strategy that has never really failed me in my nine years of working in Pinterest Marketing. 

Let’s quickly cover some must-know basics when it comes to Pinterest Marketing. 

Pinterest is a search engine. 

As you probably know. The best thing about it is it’s all visual. It’s the #1 place users come for ideas, inspiration, and to shop! Pinterest has over 445 million monthly active users. Making it the 15th largest social media platform in the world, beating Twitter. 

Content is evergreen. 

  • A Facebook post has a lifespan of 5 hours! 
  • Instagram posts/stories have a lifespan of 21-24 hours.

But a Pinterest pin builds traction slowly and continues to grow and pick up traction for OVER 4 MONTHS. Not only that, but pins you created YEARS ago can randomly start trending again and send you FREE traffic for weeks! 

Here is a pin I created in 2018. Nearly 6 YEARS ago. This month alone, this pin has sent me over 2 THOUSANDS visitors to my website. Just one pin that I haven’t touched in six years. 

Not bad, right? 

Current best practices MATTER

The #1 issue I see when users come to be because they have a low reach and low engagement is not only improper SEO but improper pinning. 

Pinterest operates on an algorithm. If you are not following CURRENT best practices and pinning properly, not only will your content not be seen, but your account could get flagged as spam. 

How not to pin: 

  • Stop pinning to group boards. If they are not properly optimized for SEO and you save your pin to it, the algorithm won’t know where you place your pin. That hurts not only your pin’s ranking but also the ranking of your entire profile. 
  • STOP re-pinning the same image more than once. Sadly, “Pinterest experts” are still teaching this, and it’s the #1 reason accounts are being flagged as spam. Pinterest sees duplicate pins from your profile SPAM. What I mean by this is you upload a pin, save it to a board, and then save it to 5 other boards. If you are doing this, STOP. This is an EXTREMELY outdated practice and is hurting you BIG TIME.
  • Stop over-pinning! It is NOT best practice to send out 20+ pins a day. Over-pinning can also set off a spam filter. And if you are pinning this much, you are most likely re-pinning the same image, and again, we don’t want to do that. 
  • NO MORE TAILWIND. Tailwind is SO outdated. Many of the features, such as the looping feature, can set off spam filters. Once I stopped using Tailwind a few years back, my numbers TRIPLED. Plus, Pinterest has a FREE scheduler. 

A solid pinning strategy to follow

  • New images. Pinterest wants to show users new images in their home feeds whenever they open the app or log in. You don’t need to be overkill with this. 1-2 fresh new images going out daily is enough for 99% of accounts to see consistent growth. 
  • Try out different pinning times. Pinterest says their users are most active between the hours of 8 pm and 11 pm, with a peak around 9 pm. Pinterest has a FREE scheduler you can use! Posting pins when users are most active will help with reach. 
  • Play around with video pins. If your static pins aren’t getting a good reach or good engagement, try adding a moving element or video. Pinterest is a loving video. However, it’s equally important to continue creating static image pins to maintain a balanced approach and analyze what works for you and YOUR specific audience. 
  • Read your analytics and metrics! I review mine each week to see what is trending with MY audience and what content of mine they are liking right now. If I have a drop in reach, I will look at individual pin metrics to see why that drop happened. It helps me better create content moving forward. 
  • Stay consistent. Make sure you are sending out at least one fresh new pin image each day. The more consistent you are with pinning, the larger your reach will be. 

A final thing to keep in mind is making sure you are using proper Pinterest SEO. I know I preach this a lot, but if your pins and the boards you are saving those pins to are not optimized the right way (the way the algorithm likes), your reach will continue to stay low. Yes, this seems silly, but it’s a crucial step you don’t want to miss! 

Pinterest does not have to be complicated, and as you can see, when you use it the right way, it pays off! It’s such a beneficial tool for your blog or online business! Pinterest sends me 100K+ visitors to my website each month. And while it won’t happen overnight, you will be so happy to took the time to invest in learning the platform! 

If you want to learn more about current best practices, more in-depth pinning strategies, and proper Pinterest SEO, click HERE. 

As always, 

Happy Pinning! 

xo Megan