Becoming a Pinterest Virtual Assistant: Interview with Cait Blakley

One of the best things about what I do is seeing my students become successful and start their own legit work from home business. Something I have begun to do recently is I have started interviewing my students on why they started their business and how they got to where they are now. I know it helps others relate on an entirely different level seeing how someone who is a Mom or a wife or a single working woman get to the level of success they are currently at today. 

Reading interviews like the ones in this series is what motivated me to start my own businesses nearly 6 years ago! And I have NEVER looked back.

So today, I bring you my third interview in this series. You can check out the first two here. This interview is with Cait Blakley. I love Cait because she is so willing to learn and keep learning to better herself in her career as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant. She is killing it on the Pinterest platform and with her business! If you are interested in the service,s Cait has to offer, check out her website here

1. What made you want to be a Pinterest Virtual Assistant? 
I have always loved Pinterest, and back when I was blogging, it was one of my favorite activities (weird, right?). I didn’t blog long, but I have done a few other things in the online business world. My main gig is making and sell printables and printable templates to bloggers, but I wanted to expand my monthly income, which is why I looked to Pinterest management. 
2. Did you have any experience with Pinterest when you started, or did you start from scratch?
I knew a lot about Pinterest when I started, but I also knew that the practices I had been using a few years earlier were probably pretty outdated, so I was happy to see that Megan’s Pinterest Ninja’s course was on sale about the same time I started thinking about getting into Pinterest management. I bought that and learned a lot about keywords I had never known and the current best practices for pinning. Then I saw that her Pinterest VA e-book was available, and I bought that, too. It seemed like serendipity! {You can bundle the two here}
3. How long did it take you to set up your business?
Setting up my business is something I’ve done along the way. I kind of just dove right in. Now, I have a bit of an agency with 3 other VAs working on my team.
4. Were you working another job while you were learning to be a Pinterest VA?
I was (and still am) selling printables and running my printable membership- Printables and More Club while starting my Pinterest VA business. You would think those clients would translate into Pinterest clients, but they really haven’t!

The club takes about 5 hours per week of my time, and I serve 60+ members there, by creating 10 printable templates for them to use in Canva monthly and then giving live training and design tips in a Facebook group.

Custom printables take about 10 hours per week for me. 

5. How long did it take to land your first client?
I landed my first Pinterest client less than 2 weeks after buying Megan’s ebook. 

6. How did you land your first client? I posted a promotional first-month amount in a Facebook group and signed someone up the same day. 

After that, I have found that I have the best luck with landing new clients by looking in entrepreneurial Facebook groups for people asking Pinterest questions and giving value. Answering their questions, up until a point, and then offering to do a discovery call to see how my services can help them!

7. How many clients do you have now? 
Right now, I have a total of 12 clients, including a few that I just make pins for.

8. How many hours a week/day do you work? 
This number really varies for me, because weeks, where I am doing a lot of marketing and calls, can be heavy hourly. But just for Pinterest management, I personally spend about 10 hours per week, and my team spends about the same. 


Cait, thank you so much for this interview, and thank you so much for being an awesome student! Your success is so inspiring, and I am beyond happy for you! 


If you want to learn more about Pinterest or becoming a Pinterest virtual assistant, you can click here

Happy Pinning! 

xo Megan