What you need to STOP doing with your Pinterest boards!

What you need to STOP doing with your Pinterest boards!

Did you know your Pinterest boards are the heart and soul of your Pinterest account?

While having your entire profile adequately optimized for SEO is essential, it’s even more important to have your boards set up correctly.
I have audited over 843 Pinterest accounts (crazy, right?) And the #1 error I see is improper board setup.

Most users either don’t have them optimized for SEO at all, or they have them optimized improperly. Many think it’s more important to have your pins appropriately optimized. While you do want to make sure your pins are optimized, if they are being pinned to a board that is not optimized correctly or at all, the pins reach will be low, AND it’s showing the algorithm your content is not relevant because it’s being pinned to a board that is does not pertain to.

SEO is King, and if your reach is super low, it’s probably due to improper setup.

Let’s see how many times I can say optimized in this post 😉

Here is what you want to make sure you are NOT doing.

Having your board title be a non-trending keyword sentence.

What do I mean by this?

When people are on Pinterest searching for pins, they are not typing in “super far out dinner ideas.”

They search for “Easy weeknight dinner ideas” or ” Simple dinner ideas.”

When you are creating a pin on Pinterest about dinner, you will be sending your pin to your board about dinner. If the pin and the board have even one matching keyword sentence, that shows the algorithm that your content is relevant since the pin is pinned to a board with relevant keywords.

This is why it’s crucial to have your board titles not be silly or cute and to use trending keyword sentences.

Not using keyword sentences in your board description, or not having a description at all.

This piggybacks off my first point.

While 60% of accounts I have worked on usually don’t have any descriptions for their boards, the rest of them have descriptions like this:
“So many super fun dinners and cool dishes for you to make for your family! I post all of my favorite recipes here for you to use!”

While that describes what that board is about, there are ZERO keyword sentences.

Instead, you would want to say this: “Easy dinner ideas for the whole family. Simple dinner recipes your family will love.”

The trending keywords senates I used: 1. Easy dinner ideas, and 2. Simple dinner ideas.

Those are keywords users are searching for on the platform. And having them in your description will help the reach of every pin, pinned to that board as long as the pin is relevant to dinner recipes and ideas.

STOP using board sections

They are so 2019

This 100000% hurts the SEO of the board, and it makes it harder for users to see all the content listed in the board. 

Yes, it’s only a few extra clicks, but most users will not click on your sections. 

The best practice now is NOT to use sections. I don’t even know why Pinterest has them anymore as they have said themselves not to use sections… But they love to keep us on our toes, right? 

The two takeaways from this post: 

  1. Use a trending keyword sentence as your board title.
  2. Use at least two trending keyword senates in your board description if you can do more GREAT but always have AT LEAST two! 


If you want to learn more about trending keyword sentences and Proper Pinterest SEO, click HERE!

Happy Pinning!

xo Megan


Things you need to stop doing on Pinterest in 2022

Things you need to stop doing on Pinterest in 2022

Things you need to stop doing on Pinterest in 2022

I have done a few different posts on what you should and should not be doing on Pinterest.

With the constant changes, it’s hard to keep up with what is working now.

In this post, I will discuss what you absolutely should not be doing on Pinterest in 2022 and what you want to make sure you are doing on Pinterest to keep growing a successful account.

Group Boards

I have talked about this more than once, but sadly I still see users making the mistake of pinning to group boards.
Hear me out.

Pinterest has an algorithm, and it picks up on where your content is being pinned to. Therefore, if your pin is being sent to a group board that is not optimized correctly for Pinterest SEO, it WILL hurt the reach of that pin and your account.

Yes, group boards tend to have a decent amount of followers, but that does NOT mean they will see your pin.

If you are going to pin to a group board, you want to make sure it fits in with your niche, and it’s optimized for Proper Pinterest SEO. One, because then it will show the algorithm that you are pinning relevant content to relevant boards. And two, the people who do follow that niche specificities board will most likely re-pin your pin to their niche-specific board.

So IF you do decide to pin to a group board, be sure to check it out first!

Pinning other user’s content.

There are a few things I want to note with this.

If you have set up a brand new Pinterest account and need help filling up your new boards, you CAN pin other content relevant to your new niche boards. This will help your new profile pick up a little more traction a little bit faster because it helps with SEO.

How many pins? Maybe 2-3 a day, max. You don’t need to go overboard.

Also note, it can take a new account 6+ months to rank and start doing well. This is a search engine, so ranking does not happen overnight. IF you stay consistent with your pinning, you will see steady growth.

Now, if you have an established account, you only need to pin your own content. If your profile and boards are correctly optimized, you don’t have to worry about pinning any other content but your own.

Re-pinning the same pin image more than once.

This is a NO NO. If you are a member of any business-related Facebook groups, you probably have heard about a user’s account either being suspended or, worse, shadowbanned. 

Why is this happening? People are pinning improperly. 

Simple as that. It’s hard to keep up with how you should be pinning, but right now and most likely for the very distant future best practice is to upload a pin to the most relevant board and then leave it alone. 

Pinterest has said 100 times that they want FRESH new images pinned daily. So yes, your pins can link to URLs you have used before. But you want to change up the imaging and wording, so Pinterest considers it fresh. 

This is also a great way to figure out which pins convert better. What imaging and wording is YOUR audience responding to. 

Remember, especially if you are a part of multiple online communities and Facebook groups. What works for one Pinner WILL NOT work for the next. So when someone says, “oh, I pin like this, and I get a million views!” Well, they could be in the parenting niche, and you’re in the food niche. 

You are both reaching out to VERY different audiences. So your content is going to perform differently. 

BEST rule of thumb: Upload 1-3 new FRESH pin images daily. Bam, that’s it! 

You do NOT need to be pinning 20 items a day. 

What will (most likely) always be the same with Pinterest…

I say (most likely) because Pinterest loves to throw us for a curveball sometimes. But as of now, focus on these:

SEO: Other than pinning improperly, improper SEO is the #1 error I see when doing account audits. Proper Pinterest SEO is SO important because Pinterest is a search engine! 

Fresh new images: Upload at least one every day. Focus on your analytics and the traffic to the back end of your website (NOT monthly Pinterest views) to see if you need to increase how many new images you need to be sending out a day. Remember, monthly views show your reach, NOT how many users click over to your site. 

If you can, upload directly on the platform. I have been doing this for 7 years, and I have noticed pins almost always perform better when uploaded directly on Pinterest, over Tailwind, or other 3rd party schedulers. 

Pinterest also has a FREE scheduler you can use too! 

If you want to learn more about Pinterest Marketing, you can click here. 

Happy Pinning!


What you need to know about Pinterest Marketing in 2022

What you need to know about Pinterest Marketing in 2022

What you need to know about Pinterest Marketing in 2022

Now that we are in a new year, what do you need to know about Pinterest Marketing in 2022? 

As you know, Pinterest is an ever-changing platform, and for many, it can be super overwhelming. 

Luckily, even though we are in a New Year, the Pinterest basics will always stay the same. No matter what changes with the algorithm, 

Here is what you need to know. 

Pinterest SEO will never change. 

SEO is the #1 most important thing you want to learn regarding Pinterest Marketing. PROPER Pinterest SEO. Pinterest SEO is different from your SEO for Google or other search engines. 

Pinterest pulls SEO in the form of long-tailed keyword sentences. So if you are formatting your Pinterest SEO as you would so you can rank on Google, your reach will be much lower than formatting your SEO the way Pinterest prefers. 

Even if the algorithm changes 100,000 times, Pinterest SEO will always stay the same

If you want to learn more about where to place proper SEO on your Pinterest profile, you can check out this post here. 

Pinning frequency. 

This can ebb and flow depending on what changes with the algorithm. However, Pinterest themselves have said that no matter WHAT, they want at least one new pin image to go out each day.

Sometimes you can see a steady climb by simply posting one new pin image a day. However, sometimes you may have to do more.
The pinning frequency will be different for every single user, and it will change often. The best way to know how much you should be pinning is by keeping an eye on your analytics.

But a good rule of thumb to follow is one new pin image a day. It can be any type of pin as well, and it can link to an older blog post as long as the image is new and fresh.

This brings me to the next topic…

Pin wording and design. 

Do you want more clicks? The coloring and imaging you use will determine if your pin stands out enough to catch someone’s eye, the wording on your pin will decide if you get that click or not.

SEO is all about reach. Just because an account has 9 million views doesn’t mean anyone is clicking on their content.

Remember, monthly views are a vanity number. So when you see a post saying, “Look how I got 1 million Pinterest views.” You want to know how much of that has converted to website traffic. Sometimes you would be shocked to see; it can be VERY little.

Now there isn’t a “trick” to getting more clicks. After doing this for seven years and working with clients in all different niches, I know that what works for one will not work for the other.

The best way to see what works for you when it comes to getting clicks is trial and error. First, you have to play around with wording to see what YOUR audience responds to. And yes, this will take time.
BUT it will pay off!

Pinterest is not a quick overnight traffic fix, as some people make it seem. It’s a complex search engine. You can rank ten times faster than you can on any other search engine as long as you know what you are doing and you stay consistent.

In fact, the higher you bump up on Pinterest, you can even start to rank on Google and other search engines for FREE! Pretty sweet, right?

When do algorithm changes happen? 

All the time. Users tend to get in a frenzy over these and freak out and think all these profound changes are coming their way. When, in fact, the algorithm changes more than you may even realize, and 90% of the time, the only change you may have to make is to create more new pin images.

When Pinterest makes BIG changes that you need to know about, they will make an announcement.
In the meantime, learn proper SEO, create new images daily and stay consistent!

In fact, the higher you bump up on Pinterest, you can even start to rank on Google and other search engines for FREE! Pretty sweet, right?

If you want to learn more about Proper Pinterest SEO, you can click HERE


Happy Pinning, 

xo Megan 

Pinterest SEO. The 5 places you need to place proper SEO on Pinterest

Pinterest SEO. The 5 places you need to place proper SEO on Pinterest

Pinterest SEO, other than creating new pins, it’s the most critical and crucial part of being successful on the Pinterest Platform.

It’s also a step that gets skipped or is done improperly very often. And while most people think they can create a cute pin and then upload it to Pinterest, it will do well. Seasoned and successful Pinterest users know there is a lot more to it.

What you need to know going into 2022. 

A few things to go over before we talk about SEO. 

First, if you are new to the Pinterest Platform OR you have an old account you are trying to bring back to life, please know that you will NOT see instant results overnight. 

Because Pinterest is a search engine and pulls from SEO, it takes TIME and constancy for content to start ranking. Pins do not pick up as fast as they used to. The key is to pin new fresh SEO-optimized images every day. Pinterest has a free scheduler you can use to batch Crete pins and then set them to post throughout the week. So really, you only need to dedicate about an hour a week to pin creation and scheduling. 

Now, this could change as Pinterest’s algorithm changes often. But another thing to keep in mind is that even if the algorithm changes, SEO and pinning frequency ALWAYS stays the same

Is Pinterest worth all the work? 

YES. Here is my traffic from today, 12-8-21

However, my traffic only got this way from consistency, and proper SEO. 

Now to SEO! 

There are 5 crucial places you want to make sure you include Proper Pinterest SEO on your profile. 

#1, your handle.

If you want your entire account to rank under a specific keyword, you want to add it to your handle. I always rank in the top 5 when you search Pinterest Marketing 


#2 Your display name. 

Now I want to note you can not add “Pinterest” to your display name anymore; I was grandfathered in. So if this is your niche, you may want to use digital marketing or social media marketing. While using the | symbol is OK for your display name, you do NOT want to use that symbol when optimizing anywhere else on your profile for SEO.


#3 your “about me”

Having 1-2 long-tailed keyword sentences here is very important too! Be sure NOT to keyword stuff! Your keywords must be laid out correctly in order to work.


#4 Your Board Titles and Descriptions. 

Pinterest favors relevancy. So you want to pin your SEO optimized pin to your SEO optimized board. This will help content rank faster and show Pinterest you are creating quality content. You want to use trending keywords for your board’s title and description.


#5, your Pin Titles and Descriptions. 

This is also a part I see skipped often when I do audits for accounts that are not performing well. You have to have an SEO-optimized title AND description if you want your pin to be seen!


Even if you have an older account you want to bring back to life, be sure to go through it and make sure your entire account is up to date with proper SEO! As you can see, it pays off!

If you want to learn more about Pinterest Marketing and Proper Pinterest SEO, click HERE! 

Happy Pinning! 

xo Megan 


Can Idea Pins hurt the reach of your static Pinterest Pins?

Can Idea Pins hurt the reach of your static Pinterest Pins?

You may have heard this rumor floating around some Facebook groups lately. 

One of the primary emails I have received in the past few weeks starts with this question: “If I use Idea pins, will it hurt the reach of my static and video pins?” 

My answer: No, but let me break it down a little; I will keep it short and sweet! 

Pinterest has to stay current

When Pinterest rolls out a new feature such as idea pins, you may notice a slight drop in your non-idea pins. Why is this? Well, they are making a push for us to try out their newest feature. 

Is this fair? Not really, and 90% of Pinterest users noticed a larger drop in their reach starting this past June of 2021. 

Pinterest is like every other platform out there, and they need to change to keep up with other outlets. Idea pins are a lot like Instagram stories or even TikTok videos. 

And they can be EXTREMELY beneficial when used correctly. For example, as you can see below, here is an idea pin about 5 months old. It has collectively reached over a quarter a MILLION users, brought over 1.2 thousand users to my Pinterest profile, and gained me over 600 new followers

So as you can see, they are pretty great. And while you can’t directly link them to a URL, there are some ways around it! My website traffic has increased by about 25% since using them. 


Now for static and video pins. 

Here is a static pin I posted about 2 weeks ago. As you can see, my idea pins have not hurt the reach of my static pins. 


And here is a newer video pin: In fact, with Pinterest’s new mobile “watch” feature, video pins are doing pretty well! 


If you have been following me for a while, you know it all comes down to one thing, PROPER Pinterest SEO.

The #1 error I see for users with a low reach is that their profile boards and pins are not optimized for proper Pinterest SEO.
And since Pinterest is a search engine, this is SO SO important! No matter how many new features come into play, you want to make sure your SEO is up-to-date.

Pinterest is still 100000% worth the effort. Of course, you HAVE to be willing to change and adapt as the platform changes, but as you can see, some of the changes are for the better!

If you want to learn more about proper Pinterest SEO and CURRENT best practices, click HERE!

Happy Pinning! 

xo Megan 


Pinterest Marketing for Beginners

Pinterest Marketing for Beginners

If you have found yourself reading this post or idea pin, you are probably a Pinterest newbie. You are also probably a little overwhelmed with information overload!

You may be reading conflicting or outdated information, and all of it can feel incredibly overwhelming!

I am here to lay it all out for you; this way you can get moving in the right direction!

Let’s start here

Pinterest is a search engine. 

You probably already know this, but it’s something I like to lead with. As the platform evolves, it has some more Social Media aspects like Idea pins and reels. But even with these newer features, Pinterest still works like Google or any other search engine out there.

It pulls information and places it in front of the right people because of the keywords you use to optimize your account, boards, and pin descriptions.

So much like Google, SEO is VERY VERY important.

And not just stuffing keywords in there, Pinterest prefers long-tailed keyword sentences. So you need to optimize your account, boards, and descriptions PROPERLY if you want your content to be put in front of the right audience.

The #1 error I see when someone comes to me because they are not getting traffic from Pinterest is their account either has zero SEO or it’s done improperly.

While clicks are what most consider the most critical part, I say SEO. Because if things are not set up the right way, your chances of traffic drop to less than 5%

Proper account set up is crucial 

This is piggybacking on my first point. You want to make sure you optimize every part of your account.

From your display name to your bio.

When it comes to naming your boards, you want boards that pertain to what you blog about or what your business is about.

You want to make sure you are choosing trending keywords as your board names. You don’t want to make up fun and silly board names.

While they are cute, people are not searing for “Crazy cool Christmas ideas.” They would be searching for “Holiday Decor Ideas” or “Christmas Decor Ideas.”

Making sure the board description is optimized properly is just as important as making sure the board names are also optimized properly!

Pinning Frequency and Strategy

This changes often. Unfortunately. Especially when Pinterest rolls out new features. For a while Video pins were where HUGE, when they launched those, static pins didn’t get as large of a reach anymore as they wanted a push to use their newest feature. 

Now they want us using Idea pins. This is a REALLY big push for them, so sadly static and video pins don’t get the reach they used to. However, back to SEO, this is why proper SEO is so important. 

Yes it’s 100% possible to get a good reach still! You just have to be willing to adapt when things change. 

A few guidelines that you want to follow that never change and will keep your account in good standing: 

Fresh new images! Even if you have multiple different images that link to the same URL, that is OK. You just want to be creating and uploading new pin images daily.

DO NOT re-pin the same pin image multiple times, even if you spread it out. This is the #1 way to get your account flagged and shut down.

When you upload a new pin image, you optimize it for SEO and send it to the most relevant board (that is also properly optimized for SEO), and then you leave it alone! Therefore, you do NOT need to or want to re-pin a pin more than once.

I still see so many users making this mistake. Pinterest has even said more than once NOT to do this!

Stop focusing on your monthly views.

They are a VANITY number. I have had users come to me with over a million Pinterest views and EXTREMELY low website traffic from Pinterest.

Views are your reach, and while a large reach is good, it does not mean users are clicking on your pin.

They may not even see it! It simply means your pins have appeared in X amount of home feeds. So users could still be scrolling by without noticing it.

Try not to get hung up on it! Even just a few months ago, the more interaction your pin got, the higher its reach would be; it’s not that simple now!

New accounts take time. 

If you are starting from scratch or coming back to an account you haven’t been active on in a while, try to keep in mind that it will take time and constancy to see results.


With proper SEO and consistent pinning, you will see GREAT results! Pinterest sends me on average 80-100K views to my website every month, sometimes more. I have also been doing this for 6+ years, but they key is I stay consistent! 

If you want to learn more about Pinterest Marketing and current best practices, click HERE!

Happy Pinning, 

xo Megan