Pinterest SEO Checklist and Guide

Pinterest SEO Checklist and Guide

Pinterest SEO Checklist and Guide

Pinterest SEO can be confusing! Heck, Pinterest can be confusing.

And Im guessing since you made it to this post, you are a little lost when it comes to Pinterest SEO.

I am going to keep this short and sweet!

I’m Megan; I’m a Pinterest Marketing Expert & Educator who has been working in Pinterest marketing since 2015.

The #1 error I see when people come to me for account audits due to a low reach is improper Pinterest SEO OR no SEO at all.

When using Pinterest for your business, remember it’s a search engine! So optimizing your account, boards, and pins the right way will make or break you when it comes to getting your content seen.

I created a FREE Pinteret SEO Guide and Checklist to help you set up your account correctly from start to finish! So you can start driving free traffic to your website, online store, or email list!


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2021 Pinterest Marketing Strategy Guide

2021 Pinterest Marketing Strategy Guide

2021 Pinterest Marketing Strategy Guide

I will keep this quick and simple! 

So much has changed with Pinterest in 2020 and going into 2021! 

I have put together a guide to show you everything you need to know NOW when it comes to best practices and Pinterest Marketing! 

Plus BIG things you SHOULDNT be doing! 

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Pinterest Virtual Assistant QUIZ!

Pinterest Virtual Assistant QUIZ!

Pinterest Virtual Assistant QUIZ!

Have you been thinking about working for yourself as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant but aren’t sure you have what it takes?

Take my quiz and find out!

I bet you will be surprised!

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A Breakdown of The Pinterest Algorithm

A Breakdown of The Pinterest Algorithm

Concerned about why your monthly Pinterest views are always changing? Are you struggling to increase your blog traffic with Pinterest? Here is a quick rundown on the Pinterest Algorithm that will help you better understand it all!

I have been wanting to write this post for some time as I have been getting about 15-20 of the same question every single day. “Why are my monthly Pinterest views taking such a huge hit?”

First off, your monthly Pinterest views are simply showing you how many people are seeing your content each month. So yes, the more views the better. However, more views don’t necessarily mean more traffic back to your website.

Focusing on your Pin Metrics and how your pins are converting will help you with that.

Every year between the months of August and December, Pinterest sees a HUGE spike in users. Why? The holiday season is fast approaching and people usually start looking for Halloween ideas in August!

Then, January rolls around, and users see a HUGE drop in their monthly Pinterest views. Why? There are roughly 30% fewer users active on the platform. I like to call it, the “seasonal slump.”

Again, this is not a reason to freak out. Unless your website traffic is being directly affected, then you may have to change some things. Such as how many pins you are pinning and how oftern.

Here is a quick rundown on the Pinterest Algorithm.

This is the Pinterest, “Smart Feed.” It’s the algorithm that Pinterest uses to determine what a user sees in their home feed.

Pinterest wants you to see content you are interested in. Pinterest priorities and ranks pins based on their quality and SEO, which is all determined by the algorithm.

Sometimes they change their algorithm. So while one week they are basing things off domain quality. (Pins being pinned directly from your website, showing Pinterest you are creating quality content people want to save.) This is why you ALWAYS want to have pinnable images in your post! And a “pin it” plug in!

The next week they could be pulling content based on relevance. Here is where good SEO comes into play.

The point is, the algorithm is always changing. So your views will ALWAYS be changing. And you need to know that isn’t nessesarily a make or break deal!

I have seen users with well over a million monthly Pinterest views, but they get very little traffic back to their site. Again, monthly views ONLY mean how many people are seeing your content. NOT interacting with it.

Then, I have had users with low monthly views, 200,000, and they get TONS of traffic back to their site.

It’s all about conversion my friends.

A cool new feature.

Carousel Pins.

Carousel pins are a cool new feature that all Pinterest for Business accounts have access to. It lets you add up to 5 images that rotate, but all link to the same PIN URL.

However, each image can be linked to a different URL on your site. You also have the option for different titles AND descriptions.

I have yet to create a carousel pin, but I am going to guess these pins will be prioritized for distribution as Pinterest wants other users to see this awesome new feature and start using it!

So, if Pinterest confuses the HECK out of ya, click here and let me walk you through it ALL!

Happy Pinning!

xo Megan

Pinterest Marketing Tips for 2019

Pinterest Marketing Tips for 2019

Pinterest marketing strategies and tips for bloggers in 2019! Tips on increasing your blog's traffic with Pinterest in 2019.

{This post may contain affiliate links, which means I make a small commission at no extra cost to you. See my disclosure for details.} 

2018 was a big year for Pinterest. Not only because they rolled out tons of new features but because they are set to hit over 700 million dollars in ad revenue. Which shows us how many businesses are killing it on the platform! 

Since starting my blog in 2015, and managing hundreds of Pinterest accounts, working with hundreds of bloggers and business owners on their Pinterest strategies, I have learned a lot when it comes to what works and what doesn’t. 

Here are some tips to help you start 2019 with a bang! 

First and foremost you NEED to know that Pinterest is a HUGE experiment. I wish this was a disclaimer they sent to all users when they sign up for a Pinterest for Business account. 

If I had a dollar for every person I saw post something along the lines of, “Pinterest isn’t working for me.” “None of my pins are converting.” “My monthly viewers are so low.” I would have a million dollars. 

So what do I mean by, “experiment?

You will not start on this platform and be a success from day 1. It just doesn’t work that way. It took me MONTHS to gain traction and start actually seeing consistent traffic from Pinterest. MONTHS. 

It takes a decent amount of time to figure out what works. While pinning 100 times a day works for one pinner, 25 pins a day may be your perfect number. 

And those 25 pins a day may get you a good amount of traction for 3 weeks but then your stats tank and you have to try something new. 

All in all, you need to keep an open mind, be willing to WORK and try new things! Be okay with stepping outside of your comfort zone because that is what will help you the most. 

Things you want to focus on

Your Pin images! Yes, SEO will expand your pins reach (we will get to that in a min) but your pin image is EVERYTHING. That is what will get users to click through to your website. 

You may have a set look in mind, and that look may work! But, if it’s not getting you that click through, you may want to consider completely changing up your look. 

Keep in mind users scroll through the smart feed at a pretty decent pace. So what can you do to make YOUR pin stand out in a feed full of pins? 

Focus on emphasizing certain words that will encourage a click through such as; simple, easy, 20-minute, can’t live without. There are certain words that subconsiously trigger curiosity. 

For example: “Delicious, Christmas Cookie Recipe.” Instead, you could say, “Simple and Delicious, five-ingredient Christmas cookie recipe.” Most likely a mother or a woman would be on Pinterest searching for a Christmas cookie recipe. And because she is a lady, she is probably busy! So she is more likely to click on a pin that is telling her; “hey, this is a simple, delicious and quick recipe!” She is busy! So try and put yourself in your target audiences shoes, what do they want from you and how can you word your pin to let them know you are offering what they want! 

SEO! Pinterest is a search engine. Let me say that one more time, Pinterest is a SEARCH ENGINE. How does Pinterest know which pins to showcase when certain words are searched for? The SEO of your pin’s description and your rich pin description! 

Keyword research is going to help you immensely. 

Are you willing to invest in learning? 

I am a HUGE believer of courses and education. Not just because I sell them either.  I mean think about it, how did you learn your profession? Nurse? You went to school! Lawyer? School. Teacher? School! 

How did I get a degree in Marketing and Communications? School! 

How did I learn the ins and out of Pinterest? Courses, conferences, podcasts,  seminars, and webinars! 

I took the time (and still take the time) to really educate myself and learn how the platform works. While there is a ton of information out there on Pinterest that you can get for free, nothing will teach you as a course can. I promise! 

So even if you don’t invest in my Pinterest course or services, I encourage you to do your research and invest in some sort of Pinterest eduction. Especially if you are really looking to take the next step and kill it on Pinterest in 2019! 

Happy Pinning! 

xo Megan