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Could Facebook groups get you banned from Pinterest? If you are new to the blogging world, you may or may not have heard that blogging Facebook groups can help you gain some traction when you are first starting.

They post daily threads where you can share your content and help other bloggers share theirs. However, a lot of bloggers are finding that Pinterest isn’t a huge fan of these and users are finding their accounts suspended or flagged as spam. But why?

See example:


It’s not Pinterest; it’s the way you are pinning.

First and foremost Pinterest is only concerned about what content you are pinning, how much you are pinning and where you are pinning that content.

Pinterest likes to see you are pinning relevant content to relevant boards. So parenting pins, to parenting boards. Make sense?

When you are pinning you want to SPACE YOUR PINS OUT! NEVER pin more than ten pins back to back. Which brings me to, NEVER EVER participate in re-pin ALL threads. This is a re-pin thread where you are adding the link of a pin you want re-pinned. Then you have to re-pin every single pin in the thread, which can be 80+ pins.

And what happens if you pin 80+ pins in a row? You have a VERY high chance of being flagged as spam on Pinterest, and then you can say bye bye to your Pinterest account.

Re-pin threads are great IF they are done right. Focus on re-pin threads that have a low re-pin count, under 10.

Not only is re-pinning 80+ pins in a row going to get you flagged as spam, but it does nothing to help your reach. You will have much more success in smaller threads because your content is more likely to be pinned to a relevant niche board. Thus showing Pinterest, you are creating awesome content and your pins reach will expand even more!

One more thing…

If your posts have been getting deleted not long after you post in these threads, it’s due to Facebook’s spam filters. A lot of bloggers sit at their computers and will add their links to a few threads at once. And while that seems ok, this is sending a signal to Facebook that you could be spam and then your post gets deleted. It’s not the group’s admin.

The one thing I have found to prevent this from happening is to space out the threads you are participating in by at least 15-30 min. Also, don’t just add a link, add some text describing what your link is about.

Facebook group threads can continue to help your blog grow. Just make sure you are going about it the right way 🙂

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