Branding is SO SO important when it comes to styling your blog/website. You want your blog/website to give off a specific image and vibe that attracts your target audience. And while that does entail choosing the perfect color palette and logo it is much more than that. It’s designing your blog/website to feed and fulfill what your target audience wants, what they crave. This includes choosing colors, fonts and images that your specific audience is attracted to.

So when you get down to it, it is VERY important to know who your target audience is, who are you trying to capture? Without knowing that it will be hard to create your brand.

If you are just starting out and you really don’t know who your target audience is ask yourself these questions:

Who is your blog/website for?

What age group are they in?

Are you targeting Males or Females?

What are their hobbies?

What are their interests?

What do they do for a living?

 Make your brand stand out!  Who are you?

This is a VERY important step! I realize it’s kind of obvious, but when all’s said and done your brand is YOU!

Write down your brand’s mission statement in a few sentences, include the point/purpose of your business and what you have to offer. Include why you are doing what you are doing and what you hope to accomplish. Why is YOUR brand different than others?

Write a KILLER about me section.

Because again, your brand is about you!

Write down who you are, how you got to this point, why do you do what you do? What are YOUR passions and interests. Let it all out! A good about me would ideally be 2-3 short paragraphs. Not too long, but just enough you let your readers connect with you.

Choose 3-5 words that describe you and your brand.

Almost like a short slogan. Words that you can incorporate throughout your brand when picking colors, images and fonts. If you are stuck ask some of your friends to choose 3-5 words that describe you who are as a person.

TIP: Be sure to stick to your brand guidelines. Take some time to create a short guideline for your brand. (FREE printable worksheet below!) Standing out online isn’t just about what you create, it’s about how you present it as well. So having a guideline to reference with your colors, fonts etc. will help!

You can see my tagline is right below the heading of my site. I use this same tag line on Pinterest and other social media outlets. My tagline is short and to the point and also tells my readers what I do.


Create a vision/mood board

What is that exactly? It is a compilation of images and fonts, colors etc. that you like. Below is a picture of my vision board.Try and have images/colors/fonts that work well together and get rid of anything that doesn’t go well with the majority of your board. Try and stick to 25 images or less. Once you have yours done, you can take from that to help create the perfect theme for your brand.

Select your colors, fonts, images

Choose 3-4 colors and fonts to use throughout your blog/website, if you do more than that things will look messy. CONSISTENCY is key! Make sure to add these to your brand guidelines so they are easy to reference.

As you can see in the images below I have two fonts I use on my blog, a main font and an accent font. I stick to these two fonts only. Why? Because it helps with consistency and goes with my style, which is sort of shabby chic!

Next I only really have to main colors I use on my site. The pink accent color I use the most. I use it when I create posts, images or (for example) in the headings used in this blog post! Consistency, consistency, consistency!


And there you go! The start to a perfect brand! Enter your information below to get your FREE branding worksheet!

xo Megan