Meet the blogger of the week! Danielle from

1.  How long have you been begging for? I have been blogging for 4.5 years.
2.  What made you want to start? I started as a way to try to keep my sanity as newly stay at home mom.  I had always wanted to be a SAHM, but the transition was harder than I thought.
3.  What is your favorite thing about blogging? My favorite thing about blogging is when a post really connects with others.  Be it readers or other bloggers,   I love the friendships that have occurred.  A few times I have had people respond “thank you so much for writing this!  I feel the same!” and it’s great knowing I helped them feel not alone.

A little more about Danielle! 

“My name is Danielle and I blog at A Sprinkle of Joy.  I started blogging when my first daughter was about six months old, which was 4.5 years ago!  Over those years my blog has seen some changes, and I love where it’s at now.  I share recipes, DIY projects, and talk all things motherhood.  I like to keep it real, so that other moms know they aren’t alone.  I say it takes a village to support a mom, and I want other to know that they have me in their village.”

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