Does the number of Pinterest followers you have really matter?

That’s the struggle, isn’t it? Especially when you are first starting. How the heck do you grow your following? Because having thousands of Pinterest followers is going to help your reach and traffic, right?

This is a post I often see, “How do I gain more Pinterest followers?” or “How do I grow my following fast?”

First, I am going to tell you what NOT to do…

STOP participating in “follow for follow” threads.

Here is why they DON’T help you. First off, you are gaining non-organic followers that most likely will not interact with your content if they see it. Pinterest’s algorithm picks up on the “type of profiles” that are following you.

For example, you blog about parenting; if someone who is all about Fitness has fitness boards and pins and follows you in a follow for follow thread, that follower isn’t going to give you any kind of boost. Mainly because they won’t be pinning your content to any of their fitness-related boards, they may pin to a private board or an “anything” kind of board, but that won’t help the reach of your pin.

Now I am not saying it will hurt you, because I have TONS of followers who blog about all different types of things! But growing your followers organically is much better because they choose to follow you based on the type of content you are pinning. They are much more likely to pin your content to the types of boards it actually pertains to, thus helping the reach of your pin!

I do have a “follow 10” thread in my Facebook group. However, that is all about following ten accounts you are interested in. You pick the 10. You don’t follow the 50 other people who followed you and then probably unfollowed you later because you pin about stuff they don’t really have an interest in.

Make sense?

80% of the content in your main smart feed isn’t content from your followers…

With another 10% being sponsored ads. So that leaves you with about 10% of the content being from the accounts you follow.

Yes, you will see SOME content from your followers here, BUT most of the content shown to you are pins that are SEO’d properly and Pinterest thinks you are interested in.

Pinterest shows you content in your smart feed based on what you have been searching for and what you have been pinning. The content they know you would be interested in. 

Back in the day, Pinterest only filled your smart feed with content from the people you followed. Now you have to click on the “following” tab to see pins that are solely from the people you follow.

That tab is not the featured tab, so unless you click on it every time you will only see content featured on your “home” feed.


How do you get your content seen?

Proper SEO. Plain and simple. Proper SEO and creating eye-catching pins, will help to push your content out into the Pinterest world even further.

Check out this post on how to make a pin go viral!

How do you grow your following?

Time and effort. Keep creating new content, pin regularly, educate yourself on how Pinterest works.

Pinterest LOVES to keep showing us new content. By creating 3-5 new pins a week (they can link to old posts) you will boost your views and hopefully your conversion!

Just remember your followers won’t make or break you. Keep creating, the followers will come! 

If all this confuses you, click here!

Happy Pinning!

xo Megan