Yes I realize it is only November 14th… However, if your schedule is anything like mine is, every weekend from Thanksgiving on is booked. Solid. Needles to say I like to get a head start on decorating for Christmas. I will note that my husband knows thinks I am crazy and doesn’t love the fact I decorate before December 1st. Sorry Hubbs, not sorry.

Every year I like to add a little more to my collection of Christmas Decor. I also try to be as thrifty as possible. So this year I took a little trip to the Dollar Store and I hit the Jackpot!

I found some holiday flowers to add to my mason jars, and SUPER cute  Christmas Figurines! Total = $5


Next, I needed a little something extra for the tray on my center island. I found this vase, more flowers and a tube of Christmas bulbs. Total= $3.00


I already have a few glass candle holders around my house so I grabbed another tube of mini bulbs to give them a little holiday flare. Total= $1.00


More holiday flowers added to the mason jar in the hallway. Total= $1.00


And lastly on my way out I saw this super cute sign that fits perfectly next to the front door. I will probably sort through my burlap to make a bow for the top!  Total= $1.00



Grand Total= a whopping $11.00

Now you can’t beat that!

Do you have any cool Dollar Store Christmas finds? Let me know below!

Happy Holidays!

xo Megan