I will be the first to admit that when I started blogging I had ZERO clue what I was doing! Over the last year I have rapidly grown my following and increased my traffic ten fold by utilizing these 13 Facebook groups.

What are Facebook Groups?

I am sure you are a part of at least a few different groups on Facebook, like Lula Roe or Rodan Feilds. Well these 13 groups are specifically for bloggers and people who run their own businesses. They are there for support, advice, collaboration and for helping to get your content out there!

They do come with rules…

You can’t just be a part of these groups and only market yourself. You have to help support others as well if you want to be supported. A lot of these groups have rules. And if you don’t follow them you will be kicked out. They are not complicated rules by any means, but they are there for a reason. That way no one can take advantage of the group!

Stay Organized!

I have found that staying organized when you are posting in these groups and participating in these threads is KEY for your success within the group. Since there are so many, sometimes it is easy to forget that you need to re-pin 5 pins, or “like” 5 Facebook posts. Here is an example of what a participation thread looks like.

And even though you do get notifications, it’s not easy to look through them all and make sure you have covered all your bases for the day. That is why I created this checklist! I print it out each week, and this way I know I am getting the most out of each and every group. I make a check in the spot that pertains to whatever thread I participated in. So in the group  Bloggers Unite on Pinterest, I participated in a re-pin thread (which means I put a link up to be re-pinned) I would also have to re-pin 5 other pins.  I don’t always do it right away because they usually give you 24 hours to complete the re-pins. However sometimes I would forget! And that’s a no no!  But if you use your checklist you won’t forget! Simply place a check in the pinterest slot (next to that specific group) and you know you completed it for the day. Make sense?


By participating in these groups I have increased my traffic, grown my email lists, Pinterest Followers and much more! So if you want to take your blog or business to the next level enter your information below and you will receive a list of 13 Facebook Groups (with links to join them) and my Social Media Checklist. That way you can stay organized and get the most out each group!
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xo Megan