Has your Pinterest Account Been Flagged as Spam?

I am re-visiting this topic as new accounts are being flagged DAILY!

Has your Pinterest account been flagged as spam?

This is 100% different from your account being suspended. When that happens, are you unable to log into Pinterest, AND you normally get an email from Pinterest letting you know your account has been shut down.

When your website is flagged as spam, the only indication is your metrics going from 100+ impressions or 1,000+ impressions to double or single digits overnight.

What’s normal:

If your account is new 6 months or less, it’s normal to get low impressions on pins. It can take new accounts 6+ months to start ranking and gaining more impressions per pin. And this only comes with consistent and PROPER pinning.

Proper SEO. If your SEO is not optimized correctly, the way Pinterest likes it, your pins will not get a good reach, no matter the age of your account. Be sure you are up-to-date with Pinterest SEO.

What can get your account flagged? 

There are two issues here. Sometimes your account can get mistakenly flagged for no reason at all! Which STINKS! 

BUT sometimes it can get flagged because you are doing the following: 

  • Pinning the same image more than one. (you are not supposed to re-pin your own content EVER)
  • Pinning too much in one day. 
  • Re-pinning spam content. This one is HARD. You don’t really need to pin any content other than your own. And if you do, make sure you are checking the content before you pin it to your boards to make sure it’s not spam! 

How do you know if your account has been flagged? 

See the image below, this was a client’s account. As you can see, the pins on the right have over 2K impressions each. Then the two on the left have single-digit impressions. This was an INSTANT indication the account had been mistakenly flagged. We were pinning within Pinterest’s best practices, so this was 100% Pinterest’s fault.

Now, the big issue with this is getting them to admit they messed up. This can take SEVERAL emails. I STRONGLY suggest attaching proof like the image above if you do reach out. This way, they can clearly see there is an issue. You also have to be stern in your email. ( I was so angry I spelt Paste wrong lol) Here is the email I sent via my client’s account and their response. 


Sadly, when this happens 99% of accounts NEVER recover. Even if Pinterest claims to fix it. We had to start a whole new account for this client. NO FUN! 

If you feel you have been flagged by mistake, click this link HERE, then click on appeals. Then click on “Account Suspension” (this is if you got an email saying your account was suspended.) Or you will click on “Pinterest blocked my site,” (if your reach has dropped overnight) Then you will fill out the rest of the form. Again, attach a screen shot if you can! 

Hopefully this doesn’t ever happen to you! Be sure you are up to date on what’s current for Pinterest’s best practices so you never run the risk of getting flagged! 

And like always if Pinterest has you confused OR you want to always stay up to date with current best practices, click HERE

Happy Pinning! 

xo Megan