Have you been shadow banned on Pinterest?

A topic that has been on the mind of many content creators lately is the Pinterest shadow ban. Or what Pinterest likes to call it, “a glitch in their spam filter.” 

This glitch can be utterly devastating to many users as it seems once you have been caught up in it, you never get your account back to what it was. 

There is a lot of misinformation floating around about what causes it to happen. Or why Pinterest doesn’t seem to care about it. I mean, this glitch has been occurring for OVER a year now, so why haven’t they fixed it? 


No, they are not out to get you. While Pinterest is a search engine, it does have some Social Media features, like comments and sharing. And just like every social media platform, it grows and changes. So what once worked great may not work anymore, and sadly that is part of the game. 

Is it frustrating that they aren’t giving us more information to us about these changes and glitches? Yes! But sadly, much like other big name search engines, they don’t really have to. Google and bing never announce when a change is coming and what you can do to prepare, they just do it, and expect you to be able to figure it out. It does make me want to rip my hair out, so I get the frustration! 


Every single time a new feature gets rolled out, Pinterest favors it. So for a while, video pins KILLED IT. Then idea pins came along, and now those are the pins that seem to be getting the most traction. 

While many users don’t like them, I have seen a HUGE increase in traffic AND sales since using them. They have also grown my following substantially. Unfortunately, unless you have a Shopify store, you can not link your idea pin to a URL, but you can give instructions on where you want your reader to go. See my example below. 


Are there things that can get your account caught in the spam filter? 

YES! Duplicate pins are a HUGE player in getting your account flagged or suspended. A duplicate pin is a pin you have already uploaded to the platform and then re-pinning to more than one board, especially when you do it back to back. 

Fresh new images daily are what you want to focus on over re-pinning content already on the platform. 


How do you know if the glitch hit your account? Your pin metrics will drop from 4 digits to 2 or even 1. See below. 

How can you fix it? You can click this link here and then click on appeals. Then click on “Account Suspension” (this is if you got an email saying your account was suspended.) Or you will click on “Pinterest blocked my site” (if your reach has dropped overnight), Then you will fill out the rest of the form.

Other things that can cause a low reach…

Improper Pinterest SEO. SO MANY people think their accounts have been hit, but they have not optimized their profile, boards, or pins for proper Pinterest SEO. 

And because Pinterest is first and foremost a search engine, your content will not have a reach if it’s not optimized correctly. Even a BRAND NEW account should reach more than 20 impressions per pin, even with no followers. 

Is Pinterest still worth it? I get asked this often. The answer is yes. I still get loads of FREE traffic from it. And you can too! Don’t give up! 

It’s also summer, and not as many people are online. 

REMEMBER: MONTHLY VIEWS DO NO MATTER! They have LITTLE to do with CLICKS. So even if your reach is lower, and your traffic has not been impacted, you don’t have to worry! My views go up and down all the time. I focus on the actual traffic to my website from Pinterest. When that drops, then I worry! 

Keep going! And as always, happy pinning! 

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xo Megan