{this post may contain affiliate links, see disclosure for details}

See that? That VERY first line at the top of this post. {this post may contain affiliate links, see disclosure for details} Why do I have that? Because I normally have some sort of affiliate link in my posts. And the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) requires you to state that at the top of EVERY post that contains an affiliate link. (or anywhere you post an affiliate link) Why? Well because they want your subscribers to know that if they purchase something via the link you provided that you are going to make a percentage of that sale. (but it will not cost the buyer anything extra) this way if they find out that you are making money off them they don’t feel like they are getting scammed, since you already told them!

It’s SO SO important to always note that there is an affiliate link within your blog post (if there is) or even if you are referring to a past post that contains affiliate links. You should also have a disclosure page on your site explaining it a little better. I always place it at the top of my posts, just to cover my bases. Better to be safe than sorry!

Ok, back to affiliate marketing!

So what is affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is where you market a product or service for a company or business and you get a percentage of the sale if the buyer purchases the item via your affiliate link. It’s one of the most popular ways to make money as a blogger. SO many companies offer affiliate programs! Amazon and Target are two that I used a lot in the past when I was blogging about motherhood. I would write posts that incorporated products from the site, like toys, beauty products and baby items.

How do I find affiliates? And how do I know which ones to use?

The basic rule of thumb is to only market affiliates you have used or you would use yourself. It’s not really good business to just throw an affiliate link out there if you don’t really know much about the product or company. If you only recommend high quality affiliates, your customers will keep coming back because they trust you!

When it comes to finding affiliates a lot of sites will state whether or not they have an affiliate program at the very bottom of their site. ┬áHere is an example, this is the home page of Amazon’s site, I just scrolled all the way to the bottom and there is it!


How do you market your affiliates and make money?

PINTERST! If you missed what I said before, I am STILL making money off posts (that include affiliate links) that I did OVER a year ago! (I made $130 off one that I posted back in December of 16!) When you pin a pin, it doesn’t just go away, it’s always going to be there! As long as you set that pin up for success when you first pin it: pin it to group boards, use the right key words and participate in some Facebook re-pin threads, that pin will make you money AND continue to make you money!

If you want to learn how to do all of those things and really master Pinterest all while getting a ton of traffic to your site, click HERE to check out my eBook!

If you think it’s impossible to make money with your blog, you are wrong! You can do it! It may take little effort but once you get things going, it’s smooth sailing!

Happy Pinning!

xo Megan