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Okay, harsh title I know. You don’t really suck at Pinterest, but you most likely aren’t utilizing it to it’s fullest extent. But, the title got you to click through to the post right? Another important part of Pinterest, conversion. We will get to that in a min.

If you have been part of this ever-changing online world for a while, you either know or most likely have started hearing how Pinterest can be a game changer regarding driving traffic to a website.

But unfortunately, it’s not as simple as pinning a pin to a group board. There is a lot more that goes into getting the most out of Pinterest.

First, it’s always changing.

Pinterest works a lot like Google. So they have an ever-changing algorithm. What is an algorithm? An algorithm is a system. So it’s someone or something programming a platform to do what it wants it to do. Google uses an algorithm called “Page Rank” is an algorithm used by Google Search to rank websites in their search engine results. Page rank is used to measure the importance of website pages.

This is based off a lot of different factors.

Pinterest works the same way. They rank your profile, boards, and pins based on their algorithm. So how many people are pinning from your site? This is important because it shows Pinterest you are creating quality content that is share-worthy. How many re-pins are you getting? How is your Pinterest SEO? What is your image quality?

All important factors filtered through the Pinterest algorithm.

So simply scheduling pins through TailWind and pinning to group boards isn’t going to do the trick.

Focus on your SEO.

This is SO SO SO SO SO SO SO Important! I recently wrote a post on how to set up a traffic driving Pinterest profile. Your Pinterest profile and the way you SEO it plays a HUGE part in your ranking and your content ranking on Pinterest.

It pays to take the time to learn how Pinterest works and how to optimize your content for it!

You do need to go into Pinterest knowing it’s always changing and what works one week will most likely not work the next. Pinterest is always changing up their layout, how they prioritize content and much more! That is why you always see your monthly views and monthly engaged numbers, go up and down.

I try not to focus on those numbers unless my website traffic is taking a direct hit. Then I go to Pinterest and re-evaluate my pinning and see if I can optimize my pins even more.

But once you have the platform down, regarding Pin creation, content creation, and SEO, it will be much easier to navigate and manage moving forward!


Re-pins mean nothing if your followers aren’t clicking through to your website. Did you know that some of my posts have five different pins that link to it?

And each pin is VERY different regarding the way it looks and the wording on the pin. The wording doesn’t have to match your blog post exactly. As long as it pertains, you want to word it in a way that is going to make your followers curious, a way that will make them want to click through to your website.

Sometimes my pins work awesome on the first try. Sometimes it takes five tries and a couple of months of looking at that pins metrics to figure out what will work.

Another important thing to keep in mind when it comes to Pinterest, Pinterest takes time. If anyone or anything is promising you instant results, they are sadly pulling your leg. So be patient, take the time to learn the platform, study your analytics and metrics and see what works for YOU!

xo Megan