How I make $4,000 a month as a Pinterest Virtual Assistant

No, this isn’t a “get rich overnight” kind of post. But I wanted to answer some questions. Questions I get emails about almost daily! 

What does it take to become a Pinterest Virtual Assistant? 

I dove headfirst into Pinterest Marketing back in early 2015 when I was working for a Driver Education company helping them out with marketing as that is what my degree is in. They wanted to reach homeschool Moms who happened to love to hang out on Pinterest. So I spend about four solid months taking courses and learning all I could about using the platform.

I did learn a lot, but it took about four different (VERY EXPENSIVE) Pinterest courses to cover it all, which was frustrating to me. Note: Me creating my own Pinterest course two years later to make it easier for those who are very step-by-step learners like myself. 

After I had success marketing this companies business on Pinterest, they sent me over a couple of new clients. 

Now, nearly seven years later, I currently have 18 clients, 4 of which are big brand name companies! I average $4,600 a month with my VA business alone. Because I have been doing it for so long, I am VERY picky when it comes to signing clients on. I work about 20 hours a week! 

Before I get into it THIS DID NOT HAPPEN OVERNIGHT. Being in this business, I CAN NOT STAND bloggers or course creators who make you think you will be raking in the big bucks overnight. Pinterest is a complicated platform and you have to know what you are doing before taking on clients! 

Learn how Pinterest Works.

Before you can work for someone else, you need to know EXACTLY how the platform works. You need to know proper Pinterest SEO, how to set a profile up from scratch, and you need to keep current with best pinning practices as they change often. SO many Pinterest VA’s out there are pinning incorrectly, and doing so can get their client’s account shut down, or worse, suspended for good. That can ruin a business. 

My best advice is to have success with YOUR account before taking on a client. 

Offer services for free or for a discount. 

When you are first starting, it’s wise to offer up a month of service for FREE or a significantly discounted price. This will land you a review, and if you do well, a new money-paying client! 

Say something like, “Hey, I am just starting out, and while I have had a lot of success with my own Pinterest account, I would love to offer my services for free for a month or X amount of money, in return for a review! And if things go well, maybe we can continue to work together!” 

This has worked for many of my students! 

95% of my clients have come from referrals! Good work sells! If you do great work, your client probably knows someone else who could use you too!  

Don’t take on more than you can handle. 

When you are first starting, take on clients slowly. Overwhelming yourself can cause significant burnout! Figure out a good schedule that works for you! Do you want to work 2 hours a day? 4 hours a day? It all depends!

I spend anywhere from 30-60 min on each client’s account once a week. So 18 clients lead to about 20 hours of work. Sometimes more and sometimes less! I use pre-made pin templates to make it light years easier to create pins at a much faster rate!

Don’t undersell yourself! 

Pinterest is A LOT. Yes, I have lost potential clients when they see how much I charge (which isn’t a lot, by the way), but you don’t want to take on a client who can’t afford you anyway. Those are the clients who hang in for a month and then leave. You don’t want those clients; they tend to complain a lot and don’t usually let you take the wheel, which you need to do when working on an account. You want someone who can afford your fees, and let the Pinterest expert do the work for them!

Is it possible to make a good income as a Pinterest VA? 150% yes! Will it happen overnight? No, but if you put in the work and take the time to educate yourself fully, you can 150% be successful at running your OWN business!

IF you want to learn more about Pinterest or becoming a Pinterest VA, click here!

Happy Pinning

xo Megan