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When you first started your blogging journey, did you go into it with the intent of it becoming another source of income? Or maybe it’s just something you do as a hobby. Or maybe you have stumbled upon this article because you are considering starting a blog but still have so many questions.

When I started blogging, I knew I wanted it to become a consistent source of income eventually. And if I am going, to be honest, I thought it would happen sooner rather than later. I thought this because I had read many blog posts claiming you can get rich overnight. And that I could quite my 9-5 tomorrow and start making a full-time income right away.


Here is the truth.

There are SO many factors that go into making money with your blog.

One of the more significant factors is having a decent following. That includes a fairly decent social media presence AND a decent email list. Both of those things TAKE TIME. Yes, you can write posts and create pins and sure, you may make a few dollars here and there. But the real way to make decent (and consistent) money is to market your blog to your followers.

Over 60% of my monthly income comes from marketing my courses and affiliate products to my email list. Email lists are better than any social media outlet because you are sending your content directly to your follower’s inbox. You build your email list either by pop-ups on your site or via an email incentive, such as a free printable PDF. These subscribers, at least for the most part, are interested in the content you are creating and sharing. So you will have a much easier time marketing an affiliate, product or service to them.

However, I am not saying you can’t make money without a decent following; you just need to know a few basics first.

  1. When it comes to promoting affiliates be sure you are only promoting a product or service you have either personally used or done extensive research on.
  2. You can promote affiliates that don’t pertain to your niche, and you don’t have to write a blog post about it! You can create a pin that links directly to your affiliate. Now, not all programs allow this so be sure to read the program’s guidelines first. You can learn more about that here.
  3. When you are creating a pin for that affiliate, you MUST note in the description of the pin that it is an affiliate link, by either stating that after the description or by saying #affiliatelink.
  4. When it comes to growing your following, Facebook Group threads are a HUGE help! You can join my FREE Facebook group here.
  5. Also by participating in re-pin threads, it will help give your pin the push it needs to start building traction on Pinterest.
  6. Join group boards! It will help expand your pins reach!
  7. Make sure you are pinning throughout the day! TailWind makes that SUPER easy!

It took me 18 months to start earning a consistent income with my bog.

Yep. 18 months. In no way shape or form did it happen overnight. So if someone is telling you that, sadly they are stretching the truth. It takes time to generate quality content, to build a loyal following and to gain traction on Pinterest. But, it’s all VERY possible.

Consider creating an eBook! I make money writing about what I know. Pinterest! What are you an expert on? You can make money selling an eBook NO matter your niche. Try and keep in mind that everyone has to start somewhere. The cool thing about creating an eBook is even if you sell it for $5 you still have a chance to make money even after you make a sale by adding affiliate links throughout your eBook.

Dream big! Know that it will take work, but it will be 150% worth it!

You can learn more about creating your own eBook here.

xo Megan