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This isn’t an income report. Maybe it kind of is, but I won’t beat around the bush.

I haven’t done income reports for a LONG time. Mainly because of the negative feedback they get. Though I still look at around 15-20 income reports a month and I learn from them!

The reason I decided to write this post, is because I have seen a lot of, “My blog isn’t getting the traffic I want it to.” or “I have tried everything, and nothing is working.”

My first thought is, “Have you tried everything?”

Yes, I made a decent amount of money with my blog this past month. But it took SO MUCH WORK. Blogging is NOT a get rich quick thing. It’s not a take a course and get a million page views the next day thing. It’s a, put your heart and soul and time and then some into it and then continue to keep working thing.

I have had $14,000 months, and I have at $1,500 months. It’s all on what I put into it. And no, I don’t work full time. I have two kids, ages seven and three who are in school, in about six different activities a week and I am also on the PTA. My husband is a pilot in the Navy so 90% of the time I am doing this solo. Some weeks my blog gets about 6 hours of attention total. But I make the most out of those 6 hours.

I am always re-visiting my course. Yes, my course. Mainly because I have so much going on I just simply forget! So I re-visit strategies and SEO tips and want to know what? Hard work pays off!

Last month I gained over 1,000 new Pinterest followers, and my website traffic is at an all-time high!


Today is the 8th of September, and I have gained over 400 new followers since the above screenshot.

I am also ranking number 3 under “Pinterest Marketing” which is what I want my profile to rank under!


How? What is my secret trick? No tricks here! (Well I do use TailWind, it makes my life much easier!) However,  I am always changing up my pinning “strategy,” I am always making sure my SEO is on point, that I am pinning to the right group boards, I leave low performing boards all the time and am always joining new ones. I am creating new pins constantly and looking at their conversion and what I can change to make them convert even better.

THIS is how I make money. This is how I keep my affiliate pins moving and gaining traction. How I make my most popular blog posts go viral.

It takes A LOT of work. But wouldn’t an extra $100 in your bank account be nice? Hello, babysitter money! Or new outfit money!

Keep going, keep researching, it WILL pay off! And if you need a little help, check out Pinterest Ninja 🙂 

xo Megan