How often should you really be posting on Pinterest? 

A quick Google search of this question will likely lead you into a spiral of mixed and confusing information. 99% of it is incredibly outdated.

This mixed information is a big reason users give up on Pinterest so easily. 

Here are the top 3 posts that appear when I Google: “How often should you be posting on Pinterest?” 

#1 says: 5-15 times a day, up to THIRTY times a day (WHATTT?!) 

#2 says: 1 new pin a week

#3 says: 10 times a day

Are you confused yet

I’m Megan. I am a Pinterest Marketing Expert & Educator, and I have been working in Pinterest Marketing since 2015. When I say I have seen it ALL when it comes to Pinterest rumors, I really have seen it all

I also know the frustration of learning how to navigate the Pinterest platform properly due to all the mixed and incorrect information floating around online and in FB groups. 

Now, am I 100% right all of the time? Of course not. I have to navigate change and updates just like everyone else. However, I do pride myself on getting confirmation before I spread any more false information to confuse users even more

Luckily, I work weekly with a Pinterest ads rep (an actual Pinterest employee), so I can run things by her and get confirmation on what we should be doing when it comes to current pinning strategies and best practices. 

Let’s dive in! 

Less is more. 

I currently work with 12 clients. And the MAX we send out in a day when it comes to new pin images is 2. That totals 14 new pins a week.

However, 70% of the more established accounts I manage do very well with 1 fresh new pin image a day, totaling 7 new images a week. And that doesn’t mean 7 new blog posts. You can 100% link to older content as long as the image is new

That’s it

Remember, the algorithm wants to show us new content each time we log in—content we haven’t seen before. 

Gone are the days of needing to send out 10+ pins a day. In fact, pinning that much will eventually set off a spam filter. Even if it hasn’t yet

Pinterest is NOT as much work as many make it out to be. I promise

Let’s go over what is working (and not working) going into 2024. 

  1. You do not need to repin other user’s content. I still see a lot of people doing this. Now, there is a caveat with this. If your account is NEW and your boards need a little SEO help to strengthen them, it’s okay to save a few top-ranking pins to that board that are not yours. But it’s not something you need to do daily or even weekly.
  2. TailWind pins with outdated strategies. Yep, I said it. Tailwind could be killing your reach on Pinterest. For Example, the looping feature that sends out the same pin image to different boards—a HUGE no-no. And no, it doesn’t matter if that pin is spaced out by 2 months. You NEVER want to repin the same image to more than one board. It’s a very quick and easy way to end up in Pinterest jail. And that is a challenging hole to crawl out of.  
  3. Piggybacking of #2, pinning to Tailwind communities. If the community is very niched down, and you know the content you are pinning there is being saved to a relevant board, then that is fine. The issue you can run into with communities is users saving your content to a non-relevant or non-SEO-optimized board to keep in line with the community rules. When this happens, and your recipe pin is saved to a board with pins on a bunch of different topics, the algorithm has NO clue where it belongs, thus hurting the reach of that pin AND your overall account performance. 
  4. Leading me into #4, Pinterest Group Boards. The same rules apply. The Pinterest algorithm favors relevancy. It wants to see your pin on Pilates saved to a board on Pilates or fitness. That way, it knows exactly who to show it to. But if that pin is saved to a “free for all” style group board full of pins on different topics and not optimized for SEO, it will again hurt the reach of your pin and your account as a wholeThis post HERE can shed more light on this topic.
  5. Most accounts will see consistent growth by sending out 1-2 fresh new pin images a day that are PROPERLY optimized for SEO and saved to a relevant SEO-optimized board. Pinterest has a FREE scheduler! Take advantage of it! 
  6. And last, SEO. If you take a quick look around my blog, you will see that I talk about proper Pinterest SEO more than I talk about anything else. That is because your success on Pinterest 1000% comes down to your account/boards/pins being optimized PROPERLY. This post has a short video where I show you an excellent example of just how crucial proper SEO is. 

Try your best not to get hung up on the millions of rumors floating around about Pinterest. Yes, it’s still highly beneficial for your business or blog. Here is a screenshot from today with my top-ranking pins. These 3 pins alone have sent me over 33,000 clicks to my website this month. 

Imagine what that kind of traffic could do for your online business. 

If you are ready to take your Pinterest account to the next level and want to learn more about current pinning strategies, best practices, and proper Pinterest SEO, click HERE

Or, if you want to do all the things but don’t have time to do it yourself, click HERE

As always, 

Happy Pinning, 

xo Megan