How often should you really be pinning on Pinterest?

Lord only knows this equation changes more than it should! It’s nearly 2021, so let’s chat about what works NOW.

I want to start by saying this will look a little different for each user depending on the age of your Pinterest account.

For example, mine is over six years old. Because of this, I don’t have to pin as often as an account that is younger than a year old.
Once your account is 12+ months old, you can consider it “established” as long as you have stayed active on it within those 12 months. If the account has just been “sitting around,” it won’t really be considered an active account.

If you have been following me for a while you know, I don’t go off “monthly Pinterest views.” That is simply your reach. I try and base my Pinterest calculations off click-through rates. I’m looking to see at least 50% of my pin views or close ups result in link clicks.

However, having a good reach DOES help. So the question is, how often should you be pinning new content to get a decent reach on Pinterest. 

My account is 6 years old and while it’s very established, I need to be upload at LEAST 2-3 new pin images 5 days a week. So that is 10-15 new pin images a week. This doesn’t mean new content, just new images and maybe some fresh SEO to see if my new pin image can get a better reach. 

What’s Important Now. 

NEW IMAGES. And good SEO. As much as you can give it. 

If you have a new account (under a year old) I suggest at least 4-5 new images, 5 days a week. If you want to see steady growth. Yes, that is a lot of work, but it will be worth it! 

The longer you stay regularly active on your account, the better and then the less work you have to do once it’s established. 

I use the Pinterest Scheduler, it’s FREE and to be honest, better than using Tailwind. 

To me, TailWind is no longer needed. Why? Because Pinterest doesn’t want us to pin the same image more than MAYBE 3 times MAX. And they also have noted we don’t NEED to pin other users’ content.

Now, if you are just starting and don’t have a ton of your own content, it’s OK to pin other content that pertains to your niche. Once you get established, you can switch to only pinning your own content.

New accounts take time to grow. 

Pinterest isn’t a quick fix. And if someone is telling you that, they aren’t honest. Like normal SEO, it takes time for your content to circulate on the platform.

Consistency is KEY. You have to keep pinning and creating new images and you have to stay consistent. Is takes a lot less time to rank on Pinterest than is does google. But it does take time. And work. If you are willing to learn how the platform works and put in the time, you will see GREAT success!

I get over 100K page views to my website every month for FREE from Pinterest. I do not pay for ads. It’s all organic!

Keep going! 

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Happy Pinning! 

xo Megan