Did you know that you can rank on the first page of Google for FREE by ranking high on Pinterest? 

Pretty cool right? 

A lot of the bigger brands I work with hire me simply for that reason! Getting on the first page of Google can be $$$ but if you play your Pinterest cards right, you can get up there fo’ free! 

Here is how it works…

I am guessing you have heard of SEO. If you have not, it stands for Search Engine Optimization. When you go to Google, you type in a specific phrase like Easy Chicken Recipes; you will see 100’s (probably 1,000) of articles appear that have to do with chicken recipes.

Some of those links will link directly to websites, and some will come from Pinterest. Why? Because Pinterest is a search engine too. And when you optimize pins properly, you can rank on Google! See the image below. This post is on the FIRST page of Google and links to a Pinterest pin.


When I click on the link it brings me to this Pinterest board filled with “Easy Chicken Recipes” Here this user has only content that links to her website! Thus bringing her FREE traffic from Pinterest AND Google! Pretty sweet right? 


Now, let’s test out my content and see where I am ranking on Google! My best performing pin of all time is my pin on “How to make your first affiliate sale on Pinterest.” Not only is my website listed on the first page of Google, but the pin that links to that same post is also ranking on the first page too! 

How do you get your content to rank? 

It’s all about the SEO! 

First, you want to make sure your meta description is filled out correctly for each post you do. This is where rich pins pull from on the back end of your site. Your Meta description is the little snippet you fill out that describes your blog post. You want to focus on using SEO rich terms in your description.

Just as you do when you upload a pin to Pinterest, you want to make sure your pin contains the right keywords and that you are pinning that pin to a relevant board also includes the proper keywords.

The more traction your pin gets, the higher you will bump up on Google.

This is not something that happens overnight. It will take a while for a pin to gain enough traction to rank! BUT it is possible! Some of my pins have ranked in under six months. Some have taken around a year. But once they do, they continually bring traffic!

NEVER DELETE underperforming pins. EVER! 

For example! When I first started blogging Almost 6 years ago I blogged about motherhood. Here is a pin form those days! Still sending me a little traffic! And giving me a decent amount of impressions! 

That pin was made in 2017! Just over FOUR years ago! And while it has zip to do with what my current focus is, it’s still driving other mothers to my website who may be interested in what I have to offer! 

So keep going! Work on mastering your Pinterest SEO and don’t delete old pins! 

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Happy Pinning! 

xo Megan