How to audit your Pinterest Account

What is a “Pinterest Audit,” and why should you do one?

One of the first things I do when I either sign a new client or have someone come to me saying, “My Pinterest numbers are not where I want them to be.” Is I head over to look at their Pinterest Account.

If you are relatively new to the Pinterest marketing field, you may or may not have heard of something called a “confidence score.” A confidence score is how Pinterest scores you as a pinner.

This is for users who have and use business accounts on Pinterest.

Having a high confidence score is essential when it comes to your success on Pinterest!

What goes into your confidence score?

There are a few different elements that come into play when Pinterest calculates your confidence score:

SEO and proper account optimization.

If your boards are not appropriately optimized for Pinterest SEO, that will have a significant impact on your confidence score.

Using proper Pinterest SEO is so essential because if you are pinning to boards that are not set up properly and you are using non-relevant keywords, your confidence score will take a huge it.

Why? Pinterest will see your boards as “non-relevant” boards due to the use of improper SEO.

Pinterest is a search engine, after all, and if you want your content to be seen, it needs to be correctly optimized.

Ensuring your boards have trending keywords as titles and the descriptions are SEO rich with keywords laid out how Pinterest pulls them and that they are NOT “keyword stuffed” is crucial.

Pin design, wording and optimiztion.

Even if your boards are properly set up, if you are pinning pins to them that are not what Pinterest considers “quality pins,” this will also affect your confidence score.

You want to make sure you are using proper Pinterest SEO for your pins title AND description.

You want to make sure you are using proper imaging and wording on your pin as well.

Your pinning strategy.

Many users are still pinning with outdated practices. This is BAD. Not only can it get your account flagged as spam, but it can also have the most significant impact on your confidence score. Hint: DO NOT re-pin the same pin image to multiple boards. EVER.

Pinterest considers where your pins are being pinned to and how active you are as a pinner on the platform.

If you are seeing a low reach, it could be because your account is not properly set up, and/or you are pinning with outdated Pinterest practices!

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Happy Pinning!

xo Megan