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Every so often I like to do what I call, “Pinterest spring cleaning.” A very large part of expanding your reach on Pinterest is making sure your profile AND Pinterest boards are on point.

First off. You don’t want to have boards on your business profile that have nothing to do with your niche. You won’t believe how often I see this! You want to make sure you are giving your followers a clear view of what you do and have to offer. So be sure to make any board that does not pertain to your blogging niche or business, secret.

This way you can still pin your fave recipes without confusing your audience.

SEO rich descriptions.

YOU GUYS! I want to shout this from the rooftops. Your boards NEED descriptions! And they NEED to include trending keywords. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT. “keyword stuff.” By this, I mean, “Pinterest, Pinterest tips, Pinterest marketing, increase blog traffic…”

That will not in anyway, shape or form help your boards SEO.

Pinterest likes “long-tailed keywords.” That is when you take more than one keyword and make it into a pretty sentence.

For example:

Let’s say your a parenting blogger and one of your boards are focused on parenting. Simple type “parenting” into your guided search and hit enter. Then, you will find other keywords that are trending along with the keyword, “parenting.”

Here would be a good example of a long-tailed keyword sentence.

Positive Parenting tips and advice.” or “Parenting hacks and discipline tips for parents of toddlers.

Making sense now?

You want to do this to every one of your board’s descriptions. You want at least 3-5 long-tailed keyword sentences for each boards description.

And lastly, make sure your board is listed under a category! This is also a step that is missed SO often! If you don’t have a category for that specific board then simply choose, “other.” It is better than leaving it blank.

All of these tips will help increase your boards SEO and REACH! Your board will have a much higher chance of appearing in a smart feed as an “idea you might like” if the description contains TRENDING long-tailed keyword sentences.

And if Pinterest REALLY has you confused, click here!

Happy Pinning!

xo Megan