How to create pins that get more clicks on Pinterest!

Did you know that your pin design (and wording) plays the most significant role in getting a click over to your website?

In a recent poll, I took in my public Facebook group, over 95% of the members who answered said that the most challenging part of Pinterest for them was getting that desired click.

Almost all of these members also said they struggle with pin design.

While proper SEO is the way for your content to reach a larger audience, the design, coloring, and wording on your pin play the largest role in grabbing a user’s attention and getting that desired click.

Let’s quickly chat about some things you want to do and do not want to do when it comes to pin design.

To start…

You want to keep in mind that every Pinterest for business user has a different audience. So even if you are in the same niche, you most likely attract different demographics of users.

How do I know this? I have worked with MANY clients in the same niche, and thanks to Pinterest’s trusty analytics, I can see what age groups my clients attract, where they live, if they are male or female, and so on.

Many users get hung up on posts about “You have to pin this way” or ” I did this to get a million Pinterest views.” While all that is great, an experienced Pinterest marketer knows that what works for one user will most likely NOT work for another. Again, due to having different audiences.

However, having an eye-catching pin design, no matter your niche, will be the deciding factor when it comes to clicks.

When someone searches for a specific keyword on Pinterest, THOUSANDS of pins will appear in their home feed. The pins that appear closer to the top of the search are there because they have used proper SEO for their pin AND the first board that pin was saved to. Or because they are paid ads or promoted pins.

But the key to getting your pin noticed in a feed full of other pins is your pin’s design.


It is a hit-or-miss topic on here as it CAN work well for some users, mainly big-name brands who kick thousands into advertising.

However, if you are not a big name brand and all of your pins look a lot alike, you can run into a few issues.

One, the algorithm picks up on imaging and design. If all of your pins look the same, they will reach a small corner of the platform based on users who respond to your specific pin type, thus shortening the number of users you can reach.

Two, your pins may not be considered fresh. For example, when I audit accounts with low reaches, 90% of the time, all of their pins have the same colors on them. However, once we change up the coloring and pin design, BAM their reach expands, and they start to get more engagement.

If what you are doing is not working, change it up.

If you use more muted and neutral colors for your pin designs, try switching it up and using brighter colors. This way, you pin has a better chance of standing out in a home feed full of pins.


Fonts are essential. They are GREAT for emphasizing specific words over others. So you can use one font for your headline, having important keywords stand out more than the font you use for your subheadline.

In this pin, I am using different fonts and colors to focus on each line I use and make the word “Pinterest” the largest as I want to attract users interested in Pinterest Marketing.

I use brighter colors, imaging, and fonts for my pins as I know my audience responds to that type of look and design.

Clicks are not an overnight thing, contrary to what you may have read. It takes time and some trial and error to see what works for YOU. So again, try not to read too much into posts that tell you exactly how you should be pinning. As long as you are up-to-date with Pinterest’s current best practices and guidelines and are not pinning with outdated strategies (cough..cough.. re-pinning the same pin image to multiple boards), you can do what works best for you!

If you need a little help in the pin design area, I have created 7 free editable Pinterest templates for Canva!

If your design isn’t working, try these out! You can easily edit the colors to fit in with your brand OR keep them to try something new!

You can click HERE to check them out!

Happy pinning!

xo Mean