How to fix your Pinterest Strategy when it’s not working!

Nothing can be more frustrating than seeing a massive drop in Pinterest views and website traffic out of nowhere! Especially when you saw a steady climb.
There are a couple of reasons this can happen other than you needing to make a change in how you pin. I will cover those first and then give you some suggestions on how to change your strategy to get things moving back in the right direction.

Analytics and Metrics always fluxuate. 

It’s VERY typical for your analytics to go up and down. Pin metrics (individual pin numbers that are not your analytics) usually start stong and then fizzle out after a week or two if the pin doesn’t continue to get clicks and saves.

Analytics show your overall account performance. Metrics show specific pin stats.

These are analytics:


And these are metrics (individual pin stats): 


I try and focus on the traffic on the back end of my website via an plug in called JetPack. It’s FREE! 

These are the stats I focus on. Pinterest analytics can be off sometimes, so it’s best to look at your actual website traffic to see what is and isn’t working. I check this about once a week. Generally, on Sundays, before I create and schedule my pins for the following week.

Here is what I do if my traffic has dropped

First I want to start by saying this is going to look different for EACH Pinterest user. This is just an example for you to go off of! 

Currently I upload 1-3 new images a day. This number changes based on my WEBSITE analytics

    • I up my pin count. So if I am uploading two pins a day, I will bump it up to 3 new pins a day. These are new pin images I create. They 100% can link to old posts. Any rumors you hear saying this isn’t true is simply that, a rumor. Pinterest has told us first hand we can use older URLS; they just want new imaging and maybe even an updated description. 
    • I Change the times I am pinning. As you read in this post, I use the Pinterest scheduler to send out my pins. It’s FREE, and it has been giving me much better traction than pinning with TailWind. I will shift my times by about 2 hours, so if I send out a pin at 6 am, noon, and 5pm, I will change it to 8 am, 2 pm and, 7 pm. 
    • You want to send your pins out at different times throughout the day; this way you are reaching different audiences. 
    • I will drastically change up my pin coloring. Pinterest pulls off pin images and coloring, so if my dull-colored pins (light pinks etc.) are not getting a ton of traction, I will use brighter colors! Like hot pink! Something as simple as a color change can help your pin reach a whole different audience on Pinterest. And audience that responds and re-pins brighter colored images. 
    • I will change up my wording to see if I can include more trigger words OR if I can make the language more relatable. So instead of saying, “Pinterest strategies to grow your account.” I would change it to “Here are 10 must-know Pinterest strategies I used to grow my account.” In the second example, I added trigger words and let my readers know this worked for ME. This usually increases conversion by 20% or more. 
    • I switch up my stock photos. Again to go along with different colors. I will try and use photos that stand out a little more in hopes to grab more attention. Always be sure to use photos that pertain to your pin. Otherwise, it can land your pin in the wrong spot! If you add an image of a mother and daughter on a pin that is about SEO, well, that SEO pin could land up with a bunch of parenting pins! So keep your image relevant. 


And lastly, I will write a new blog post! While you can use old URLS (and I do 90% of the time), dropping a new URL on Pinterest will give you a pretty quick bump! While It’s nearly impossible to push out 3-5 new posts a week, I have found 2-4 new posts a month is working great FOR ME. Again, you want to find your own rhythm!

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Happy Pinning

xo Megan