How to Gain Traction With a Brand New Pinterest Account

Gaining traction with a new Pinterest for business account can take time. But there are a few things you can do to help get things moving a little faster!

Let me go over what is normal and what is not and steps you can take to make sure you are getting the most out of each and every pin you create!


This is the most important part. Your entire Pinterest account needs to be optimized properly for SEO. This means your “about me,” every single one of your boards and of course your pins. This is the part I see so many people skip when they come to me saying they aren’t getting a lot of views and traction on Pinterest.

Pinterest is a search engine. So if things aren’t optimized for SEO properly (the way Pinterest likes keywords laid out) your reach will be very low. Keywords and long-tailed keyword sentences are what is going to have your pin appear when someone is searching for something pertaining to your pin. This is why this step is SO important!

Because my entire profile is optimized properly I always appear on the top row when you search “Pinterest marketing” and then click on “people.” This is ranking in the top 5 for Pinterest Marketing on the entire platform. So as you can see profile optimization is very important!

If you want to learn more about how to correctly optimize your Pinterest profile click here.


Make sure you are pinning correctly. Here are some pinning tips for newbies.

  • Don’t pin the same image more than two MAYBE 3 times MAX. And if you are going to pin the same image more than once, you want to space it out by at LEAST 24 hours. Pinning the same image back to back WILL get you flagged as spam and your account shut down.
  • A new pin should be pinned to the most relevant board first. Then the next day can be pinned to your main blog board. After that, you really shouldn’t pin that pin anymore.
  • Create at least 10 new pin images a week, if you can do 14. That way you are putting out two new images daily. Pinterest wants fresh new “content” which means pin images. They can link to older posts but you want to make sure you change the image and even the wording a little on the pin. Even update the SEO of the description to see if you can get a better reach. 
  • Try not to send out too many pins in a day. Pinning too much can also get your account flagged and it can hurt the reach of your pins.


Three. Pro-Tip/trick

If you also have a personal account, aside from your business one. Create a few boards that have to do with your business account (on your personal one). Optimize them for SEO. Once you upload new pins on your business account log out of it, and log into your personal account. Re-pin those new pins to the proper boards! You can even comment on the pin for an extra boost AND click through to your website!

This quick interaction from a different account with a new pin will instantly give it a good boost! Don’t have a personal account? You can join FB groups that do re-pin threads! Those are also helpful when it comes to gaining more traction when you are first starting out.

NOW, if you are doing all the things and your reach is in the single digits, your account could have mistakenly been flagged as spam. Check out this post here to learn more!


Remeber, growth and traffic doesn’t happen over night! Just stay consistent and you will see results!

To learn more about Pinterest Marketing click here! 

Happy Pinning!

xo Megan