How to make money on Pinterest with Creator Rewards!

Creator Rewards! What an excellent new program Pinterest has rolled out!

Especially for us content contract creators! We are pinning on Pinterest already, so why not make a little money at the same time?

I submitted my first idea pin to the creator rewards program a couple of days ago, and already it made me nearly $80 in just two days!

So in this post, I will give you more information on how the program works, what you need to do to qualify, and some tips on creating engaging idea pins that get saved!

What is the Creator Rewards program? 

Creator rewards are a way for content creators to make money by creating original and inspirational idea pins. 

Pinterest will pay you directly for creating inspiring, pin-worthy content users will want to engage with. 

Each month the program will put out a set of “goals” you can submit your idea pins to. This month you had 5 different programs you could apply to. 

  1. More saves, more $$$ | $25 for each idea pin + $2 for each save
  2. BONUS: Get to know creator rewards | $50 for 1 inspiring idea pin
  3. Publish weekly, get rewarded | $250 for creating 1 idea pin each week in June. 
  4. Your content + saves =’s $$$ | $150 for each idea pin that gets 50 saves. 
  5. BONUS: Your content + saves =’s $$$ | $275 for each idea pin that gets 100 saves. 

Each new idea pin can only be submitted once. So you can’t apply the same idea pin to multiple programs. 

Who is eligible? 

Like any new feature on Pinterest, when a new feature is released, it’s only released to a limited number of users, giving them “early access.” 

Pinterest does this so they can see how things flow and make adjustments accordingly before rolling it out to everyone. 

Right now, the program is only available to those in the USA. But don’t worry, everyone will get it eventually! I know waiting can be challenging! 

Here are the criteria you need to meet as a pinner to qualify: 

  • Use the Pinterest app on your mobile phone (not available on desktop or laptop.) 
  • Be 18 years or over
  • Be a legal resident of, and located in, the 50 United States or the District of Columbia
  • Have at least 250 followers
  • Have created at least three Idea Pins in the last 30 days
  • Have 150 saves of your published Pins in the last 30 days
  • Create original content

You can not use the content you have pinned to Pinterest before. Instead, you must create new, fresh idea pins each time you apply.

What if you don’t meet all of the criteria above yet? 

My biggest tip for ramping up your Pinterest account is to ensure your profile is properly optimized for SEO AND that you are pinning with CURRENT strategies and within the current best practice guidelines.

Especially if you are new to the platform, focusing on proper pinning will help you grow faster so you can qualify. As much as I tend to get an eye roll when I talk about proper pinning, it does pay off. I can promise you that!

If your account, boards, and pins are appropriately optimized, and you are pinning within current guidelines, your content will reach MORE people, growing your account and making you MORE money!

How to you gain access? 

Right now, you can only access it via the mobile app. You can use an iPad or tablet as well. Make sure your Pinterest app is updated to the most current version.

After meeting all the criteria to join, you will see a red button called “Creator Hub” on your profile right below your monthly views. Once inside, you will see a tab at the top labeled “earn.” Here is where you will see all the programs currently running you can apply to.

I will note, it took about 24 hours after I submitted my pin for it to be accepted. I will say that in those 24 hours, I already had 8 saves, and that counted those towards my goal once it was accepted.

Right now, the pin has made me $79, and it has been running in the program for about three days now. If it continues to grow at this rate, it will make me well over $500 in two weeks! With the cap being $1,000, FOR ONE PIN! How cool is that?

How do you get paid?

When you sign up, you will be prompted to fill out some information, including your bank info. Thirty days AFTER the program you applied to has ended, Pinterest will directly deposit the money into your bank account.

So my pins submitted in June will be paid in August.

Each month you have the potential to make up to $6,000.00

Pretty awesome right?

What should we focus on? 

  • Make sure your Pinterest for business account is set up PROPERLY. Yes, I am reiterating that because it’s SO necessary for your success in this program. When people come to me with a low reach and engagement 99% of the time, their accounts are not optimized, and they are not pinning properly. So make sure you are current and up-to-date! You can learn more about that here. 
  • Create engaging pins either right on the Pinterest app, OR you can create them in Canva, send them to your phone, and then upload them via the app. 
  • Make sure each idea pin has music, OR you can voice record yourself! This will help with the engagement on the pin and help your pin get accepted into the program faster! You can use the FREE royalty free music that is in the idea pin creation section of the app. 
  • Give instructions on the last slide. Such as “save this pin for later!” or “visit my Pinterest profile for more inspiring ideas!” or BOTH! 

Remember, this is a NEW program, and there will be glitches; this is why only a certain number of users have early access.

If a glitch occurs, try not to freak out, and visit the Pinterest Business Community for more information on it! Usually, if you are dealing with it, so are others, and this is a great place to find answers and speak with Pinterest team members directly!

And if you are ready to fully take your Pinterest Marketing to the NEXT level, click here! 

As always,

Happy pinning!

xo Megan