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How can you make money from home? How can you make money online? How can you make money with your blog? Isn’t that the question we hear oh so often on all of our Social Media groups?

When I started blogging it was more of a hobby, something I wanted to do to help keep my mind off my husband’s deployments. Something to do other than “parenting” 24/7. My first “niche” was a Motherhood niche, and I wasn’t great at it. I posted about one a week, dabbled a little in affiliate marketing and was bringing In around $100-250 a month. Which I was happy with, but I wanted to make more.

So I thought about it. What did I KNOW? What could I write about? What could I help people with? Marketing. That is what I went to college for, what my degree was in and was what I did for a living for almost ten years before I had kids and became a stay-at-home Mom. I knew marketing, and I was good at it.

I had a TON of success marketing a few small businesses on Pinterest. I successfully increased their traffic AND sales almost 80% in less than three months.

So I decided to write an eBook

I know not everyone can hire a personal marketing coach and I know not everyone has the money to invest in many online courses. So I decided to create an affordable course (in the form of an eBook), teaching others everything I knew about Pinterest, everything that brought myself and my client’s so much success.

In the one year since Pinterest Ninja has launched, it has made me OVER $50,000. Not just from sales, but also from the affiliates I promote within the eBook. I had the chance to make money even AFTER I made a sale. And a few of those affiliates bring me recurring monthly income.

Do you know how awesome it is to wake up in the morning and see you made $100 while you were SLEEPING?

So how can you do it?

Write about what you KNOW. Do you live a holistic lifestyle? Do you live and breathe everything holistic? Then write about it! Create an eBook on how to live an entirely holistic lifestyle. Or even better, how to do it on a budget. Also if you only sell your eBook for $10, you can still make affiliate income from all the products you recommend from within your eBook.

ANYONE in ANY niche can do it. It will take work, research and time. But if you are willing to do all of those things, you can be successful. I promise. And the cool thing? I can guide you through every single step! Check out eBook Ninja here and learn every-sigle-step I took to make my first eBook so successful! So you can do the same!

xo Megan