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Just like most Mothers, there are days I wish I could clone myself. This way one of me could do all of my Motherhood related tasks like grocery shopping, laundry, homework, after-school activities, room-mom tasks, etc. And the other me could focus on my blog!

Unfortunately, that is not possible, bummer right?  Over the past couple of years, I have been able to find a pretty good work/mom life balance. And 80% of the time it works great, but there are still days of complete chaos, and I’ve learned to embrace it and give myself a little grace when needed.

I have two kids, My son is almost 7 and will be going into 1st grade this fall, and my daughter is 3 and will thankfully be starting two days a week pre-school this fall as well! That means I will have eight solid hours a week with no kids! WHAT! And I forgot to mention my husband is deployed, A LOT. So most of the time I am solo parenting.

As my blog and marketing business grows I find myself getting more and more stressed about not having enough time to work. Or I feel guilty for maybe working too much when I should be playing with my kids! The struggle is real mommas!

Business Goals

Most days my kids wake up between 7:30/8:00 am. As long as I force myself to go to bed at a normal hour and don’t stay up until 1 am drinking merlot and binge-watching the latest Netflix series, I usually can get up around 5:30/6:00 am and get a decent start on my day without any interruptions.

I write down my one BIG business goal for the day, whether that be working on a chapter in the VA course I am currently creating or something as simple as scheduling pins for the week. I try and make my goal very reachable.

Then I jot down my second business goal. Again, I make these goals as achievable as possible. My first business goal is the most important and one I need to get done. My second business goal isn’t as important, and if I don’t get around to completing that task, I move it to the next day.

Mom Goals

I always have two “Mom goals” a day. As silly as this sounds, it has helped a lot when it comes to me feeling like I am a C- Mom at best. My number one Mom goal is one I make sure to achieve no matter what. I like to have one of my Mom goals be something fun, like going to the beach or the pool with the kids or jumping on the trampoline for 20 min. This way I know I am dedicating some part of my day to making sure my kids know I love them and can still be a fun Mom!

My second Mom goal is usually along the lines of; meal planning, laundry (like getting ALL the laundry done, folded and put away) or cleaning the bathrooms. Again realistic, but by laying out my goals like this each day, I feel SO much more organized and on track in my business and my life.

I LOVE planners and laying everything out. So I took my business goals and Mom goals list and made it into a pretty printable PDF for you! This way you can lay out your week, stick that goal sheet on your fridge and get Sh%t done! (that’s me giving you a virtual fist bump!)

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xo Megan