How to rank first on Pinterest

Pinterest is a search engine, as you probably already know. And the cool thing about it is that it doesn’t take as long to rank as it does with Google! 

But it does take some time and proper SEO. 

The struggle I get with new clients who are starting from scratch or students who are also starting from scratch (or haven’t been active on their account in years) is that it takes more than a couple of months to start seeing results. While it doesn’t take a year+ like Google, it does take a few months of consistent pinning and proper SEO. 

Users tend to get frustrated or want to give up when they don’t see 1,000 page views overnight. 

Accounts 12 months and older are considered established as long as you have stayed active on that account. Anything less than that is considered new. 

The more active you are, the better. 

The #1 key to gaining a presence on the platform is to stay consistent with your pinning. While this tip may seem small, it’s where most people fail with social media marketing. You want to be uploading new pin images daily, even if it’s linking to older content. You do NOT need to use Tailwind; in fact, my views went WAY up when I stopped using it and used the FREE scheduler on the Pinterest platform

Consistency is the key to succeeding with so many things, and although it seems like typical advice, many people that aren’t successful are failing simply because they aren’t consistent. 

Pinterest wants to be showing users as many fresh new images as possible, so the more you can create, the better! For new accounts, I would shoot for at LEAST 6-7 new pins images a week, if you can do more GREAT! But you also don’t want to overwhelm yourself. 

Using Pin templates helps a lot when it comes to easy pin creation. 

Proper Pinterest SEO

Because my account is optimized properly, I ALWAYS appear in the first row when you search Pinterest Marketing and click on Profiles. 


And on the first page for boards! 


And on the VERY top row, when you search “Pinterest Marketing Strategy.”

Now, this did NOT happen overnight! But Because I am on top of it when it comes to Pinterest SEO, my content is ranking under exactly what I want it to rank under! 

Here are 4 other factors that come into play with pin ranking: 

  1. It’s Visually Appealing. Not too busy and easy to read. Also, using images that pertain to the content the pin links to. 
  2. It’s the proper sizing; you can get all the proper pin sizing for each type of pin here.
  3. It has already gained a lot of popularity (getting interaction like saves and clicks) 
  4. It is relevant to a user’s search with proper keywords and SEO. 

Getting your pins to appear on the first page of Pinterest’s search results when someone types in a specific keyword is your goal. And once it does rank, the more repins saves and clicks over to your website; you will get! 

Here are the stats for the pin above: 

And as long as it keeps getting engagement, it will stay ranking where it is! 

What needs to be optimized for SEO on your account? 

Profile (about me) Board descriptions (SO IMPORTANT) and your uploaded pin description! When you first upload a pin, you want to pin it to the MOST relevant board first. So my Pinterest marketing pin gets pinned to my Pinterest marketing board first. This helps a lot with ranking! Pinning to relevant boards. 

DO NOT separate keyword sentences with commas. Ensure you are laying them out like real sentences (even if they are 2 words long). 

Take the time to learn how the platform works and optimize your content the right way with Proper Pinterest SEO. It will pay off! 

And remember, it will take more than a couple months of consistent work to see results! 

If you need more help with Pinterest Marketing, click here

Happy Pinning

xo Megan