How to use story pins on Pinterest

What is a story pin? Well, they kind of work like Instagram stories, but in Pinterest form. You can upload multiple images/slides at once. 

The only downside is you can not link your story to a URL. Boo. But that’s okay, here is why they are AWESOME! 


Here is what you can do! 

First, you want to treat your stories like a mini blog post or a series of infographics. Since you can’t link them to an outside URL, you want to show your readers as much info as possible within your story pin. You can use up to 20 slides. 

For sizing, I use the Instagram Story template size in Canva, which is approximately 1080 x 1920

Here is an example: Yes, these are hard to read as I screenshot them from Pinterest. They are clear on the platform. 

This story pin has 4 slides inside of it; you saw the cover at the very top of this post. I make each story cover like I would a pin image. I am not going to give too much away; this way, it gets people interested in reading what is inside my story pin! 

Then to finish my last slide will give instructions, like to go to the link in my Pinterest bio (my website) or give them my website. 

I have found since using story pins; my traffic has gone up a TON! 

Now, this is a more recent Pinterest feature, and it’s not available to everyone yet! You will either have this: And it will either say “early access,” which means you have access to it, or will say “request access.” Which you can do, and usually, within 24 hours, you can create your first story pin! 

OR you may not have anything there yet. And that’s normal, too; you will eventually gain access to it. When Pinterest rolls out new features, they test them first with only a certain amount of users. Once that new feature gets good feedback, they roll it out to everyone. 

How to create a story pin. 

You will click on create, then story pin. 

Then it will look like this: Here, you will upload your story pin slides. I recommend using at LEAST 4 slides minimum. 


Once I have my images uploaded, it will look like this. Here I can add more text to the pin (if you want), or you can leave it as is, which is what I normally do. 


Then I will click NEXT in red on the lower-left corner (you can’t see it here. Then IF YOU WANT, you can change the theme of your pin. These don’t pertain to me, so I don’t choose a theme, and I click NEXT. 


Here you are going to optimize your pin for SEO. You can’t add a description, but you can give a brief rundown on your pin. I try and include keywords. The Story Pin Title for this pin will be: How to use story pins on Pinterest. Pinterest Marketing Strategy. Pinterest Marketing Tips. 

Then I will pin this to my Pinterest marketing board since it’s the most relevant board. Then I will add any tags that pertain; for me, I usually do blogging and blogging for beginners. Tags are good to help reach more people! They will auto-generate based on what you type in. 


Then you click publish! 

If you want to learn more about Pinterest marketing, click here

Happy Pinning! 

xo Megan