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We all know how important Pinterest can be for new bloggers, as ranking on Google can take a bit more time. You just started blogging, and you are running around trying to promote it everywhere possible. Let me tell you something, putting in a little effort to learn Pinterest right from day one can turn things around.

If you’ve never thought of Pinterest to promote your blog I recommend you dive deep into this platform and put it to test. I started seeing results on my blog right in its early days – I had only five blog posts when I started using Pinterest.

Pinterest likes if you are a consistent pinner. This means they will reward you by sharing your content more for being active. But this doesn’t mean you need to be staring at your phone pinning all day. You can get someone to do the hard work for you.

Who am I talking about?


It’s a Pinterest approved scheduler, where you fill in your pins for the week, month or even longer, and let Tailwind pin your pins for you. You don’t have to move a muscle (other than scheduling it out). I must admit that I do pin manually few times a day, but right now my ratio stays at 90% tailwind and 10% me.

Tailwind tribes to grow traffic

Another amazing feature about Tailwind is Tailwind tribes. I freak out every time I hear a new “blog terminology” wondering the difficulty levels of learning it. But don’t sweat, tribes are pretty easy to understand and use.

If you know the basics of using Pinterest, you know you need “boards” to share your pins, whether it is group boards or personal boards. And if you are not sure what boards are or how to use them, this course by Megan Johnson is a fantastic resource that will take you from beginner to advanced level with Pinterest. It’s what grew my blog traffic in a couple of months since starting. I love it even more because of over 2 hours of walkthrough videos that explain things so plain and easy. I attribute this guide, to one of the main reasons for growing my blog so quickly in a few short months. Below is my Pinterest statistics in my first four months of blogging.

So how do you utilize Pinterest? You share content, by pinning to boards. You can pin to your boards or group boards. While group board owners can be picky who they invite to contribute, here’s an alternative – Tailwind tribes.

What are TailWind tribes?

It’s just like Pinterest boards but is located in the Tailwind dashboard and is FREE to use once you sign up for TailWind. Tribes have something called power-ups where you can pay to share more of your pins. I feel the free plan is plenty for a new blogger. It allows you to submit 30 pins in a 30-day cycle and you can join up to 5 tribes.

Can I get accepted into tribes if my blog is a month old?

Yes! I got accepted into all five tribes in my first-month blogging. It’s not as hard as getting into Pinterest group boards and is a perfect choice for new bloggers wanting to grow their Pinterest reach. This below is how many re-shares, re-pins and my reach in 5 months of using five tribes on the free plan.

Each tribe has a blogger that owns it and invites pinners to pin to it. Some tribes are grouped based on their niche while some are free for all to pin. I prefer to join the tribes that are very niche specific as pinners in that group will share your content more, because of similar interests.

How to join the right tribe?

You have a search bar in tribes where you can type your niche – say food blogger or personal finance blogger and you will see a list of tribes to join. Right beside each tribe, you will see an activity chart, group rules, number of members in the group and how you can join.

This image below will explain this a lot better,

  1. Find a tribe – You’ll find this in your Tailwind tribes dashboard. Once you enter here you will be taken to this page you see above.
  2. Search bar – Enter your search terms, in this example, I have selected home decor. It shows me around 378 results to choose from.
  3. Activity tab – This shows how active each group is. If the group is super active, you will see all five bars in blue, and if the group is not so active, you’ll notice just one or two bars in blue. An activity level of four and five are good. To the left of the activity bar, you see the number of members in the groups. The number of members doesn’t matter as much. If your tribe has just ten members that are super active, it still is a good tribe to join.
  4. To join- You click on the green button and you will be given instant access, but if the button is blue, you will need to request access to join. A short message to the tribe leader works.
  5. The people icon on the top right shows how many tribes you have joined. I joined all the five, so it shows in red because I have reached my limit. You can add power-ups (go on a higher plan) and increase the number of tribes to join.
  6. Right beside the people icon, you see you have 30 pins to submit for the next 30 days. And it renews each cycle.

Tribe rules:

Each tribe has a tribe rule just like Pinterest group boards. Most tribes ask that you submit one of your pins and re-share one from the tribe. And I think it’s a fair rule, so everyone gets to contribute equally.

How do you share your pins to a tribe?

Once you have signed up for Tailwind – you can join by clicking the link and get a free trial of 100 pins here. Next, download and install the tailwind extension. Head over to your Pinterest account and open any one of your pins you want to share.

Now you will have the Tailwind icon showing up every time you hover over an image to pin. Click on the icon and the pin you selected will open in a new tab. Click on the “add to tribes” button and choose which tribe you want to share it with. You can share them with all five tribes or pick a few.

I visit tribes only once or twice a week to submit my pins and to share others. You can create your schedule on how you want to share content.

Using tribes is quite simple. You join a tribe and pin to it following group rules. As easy as that! It’s the best option for new bloggers to grow traffic especially when find getting into Pinterest group boards difficult.

Keep consistently sharing and pinning using tailwind and its tribes and watch your reach grow. If you need help growing your blog with Pinterest, you must check out Megan’s Pinterest course here, it’s by far the best Pinterest resource I’ve ever read, and you just wouldn’t need to spend on any Pinterest guides in the future! She updates it regularly (so your strategies are never outdated) and if you own a copy of the guide your updates come free!