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When you first start out in the blogging world, investing money on yourself can be hard. You probably already paid for your web hosting and domain, which set you back around $100+ already. And to be honest you may not really know what the heck you are doing or even what you want your blog’s focus to be yet.

My first few month’s of blogging I blogged about Motherhood, I wasn’t very good at it and after about 3 month’s I gave up. I also run a Social Media marketing business (which I am pretty good at 😉 and that was taking up a lot of my time. I took on a new client who needed a lot of help with her business and I decided I wanted to try out marketing her business on Pinterest, since I had been hearing great things.

So I started investing some money into my business.

What did I spend my first $150 on? A Pinterest course. A pretty great one too. I started implementing the strategies I learned into my marketing plan and soon my clients sales were slowly going up. Then I invested a little more money on another course, this time I spent $300! Yikes right? That is a lot, I will admit. But I was determined to really help my client out because I know I could.

Want to know what happened?

Her sales went from $5,000 a month to over $30,000 in TWO MONTHS! So then I thought: ok, if I can do that for my client, I can do that for myself. The second thing I invested in? An email marketing system. I will admit, at the time $25 a month seemed like a lot. I mean, I was making money from my Social Media marketing business but my blog was a mess. I decided to give my blog, and all my Social Media accounts a make over, and I started blogging about what I knew. Marketing. I used my new Pinterest skills and I started creating incentives and building a pretty solid email list.

Then the real money started coming in.

I signed up for a couple different affiliate programs that I personally used and I marketed the heck out of them on Pinterest. Then I decided I wanted to take everything I know and everything I did to get where I am and put it all in a VERY affordable course. Don’t get me wrong, the courses I took were amazing and I think they were worth every penny. But not everyone can drop almost $500 on courses when they first start out. I wanted to help other bloggers be successful and not go broke doing it. That is when Pinterest Ninja was born.

Want to know the best thing about it?

Seeing my course help other bloggers and online business owners be successful and really take their businesses to the next level. I love getting emails from customers telling me how much their stats have gone up, or how they made more money after implementing my strategies than they ever thought they could make. It’s the best feeling ever. Am I saying the only way you can make money is if you spend $500 in courses? No way! Start small, and go from there! Check out Pinterest Ninja HERE and see if its the right fit for you! Want to know the cool thing about Pinterest Ninja? I am CONSTANTLY making updates, and when you purchase it you will always get those updates for FREE! Right now I am working on a whole new section on affiliate marketing, along with 30+ affiliates you can use to start making some money! There will be video tutorials, worksheets and so much more!

I also have an awesome Pinterest Ninja Facebook group you can join today to help you get your pins out there and really grow your Social Media following! Click here to check it out! So if you are nervous about investing in yourself, don’t be. I promise it will be SO worth it!

xo Megan