July Pinterest Trends. What should you be pinning on Pinterest in July?

I get this question often: When does seasonal content start trending? Content like Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Halloween, and so on! Content starts to trend on Pinterest 8-10 WEEKS before the actual holiday!

And while Pinterest traffic can be slow in the summer, you can spend your slow season preparing for the fall! 

Here is what you should be pinning in July!

Back to school! 

Most schools go back at the end of August, some after Labor Day, the first weekend in September. So it would be beneficial to you to start pinning anything about back to school! 

    • Back to school hairstyles.
    • Back to school outfits. 
    • Back to school supplies.
    • Back to school activities. 
    • Back to school nails. 

Labor Day!

Any holiday that goes hand in hand with BBQing is popular on Pinterest! Right now, you can start pinning content for Labor Day weekend! 

    • Labor Day Poster
    • Labor Day Party
    • Labor Day Decorations
    • Labor Day Dessert Ideas
    • Labor Day food ideas. 

Summer AND Fall fashion. 

While we still have a few warm months left (thankfully), fall fashion starts to trend right about now! 

    • Summer Fashion
    • Summer Fashion 2021
    • Summer Fashion 2021 Women’s Trends
    • Fall Fashion 
    • Fall Fashion 2021 Outfits

Summer Cocktails

Who doesn’t want to enjoy a summer cocktail or mocktail!

    • Summer cocktails
    • Summer cocktail recipes
    • Summer cocktails for a crowd.
    • Summer cocktails easy
    • Summer cocktails vodka


This is trending big time right now and will continue to trend into August. Even prepping your garden for fall will trend! 

  • Garden design. 
  • Garden ideas
  • Garden projects
  • Garden Inspiration 

Even if you are seeing lower numbers than usual right now here are a few things you want to keep in mind to help keep your Pinterest momentum going!

  1. Pin at LEAST 1 new fresh image every single day! 
  2. Make sure you are not re-pinning the same image over and over. 
  3. Make sure ALL of your boards are optimized PROPERLY for Pinterest SEO. Your content will not get half the reach it could if your profile is not set up properly. 
  4. The same goes for your pin title and description! Pinterest is a search engine, so proper SEO is SO important! Pinning improperly can get your account flagged, shut down, or marked as spam! 

Pinterest traffic will start picking up again in August, more so late august once everyone is back in school. 

If you want to learn more about Pinterest Marketing and make sure you are up to date with best practices you can click here

Happy Pinning

xo Megan